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NASAH May 31st

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Hello - looks like an amazing community.


As it says, I had an NASAH on 5/31 and called 911 when I felt a pain in my head that was so unusual that I was laughing about it.


Fortunately, they eventually routed me to a hospital that’s further away but which has a neuro ICU, and very highly regarded at that.


I was sedated via Propofol for 20 days, in part  because I developed pneumonia from the ventilator. I had very odd dreams, and even a couple visual hallucinations that I considered dreams but apparently were after I was awake.

I was given CT scans, an angiogram and MRIs. They were very pleased with my progress - apparently I was in rough shape when I arrived and I improved dramatically.


Was sent to a rehab center on 6/26, took a bit longer than they wanted bc they were waiting for vacancy.  They didn’t want me walking at all on my own and kept me in a wheelchair. It took a little while to regain my strength on my feet but I have. I’m taking it relatively easy except for walking a lot everyday.


The headaches are basically gone now but I do get twinges that alarm me but it seems I should expect those for a while. Had a couple very strong ones that even woke me up the other night - I’m getting follow-up MRIs and MRAs over the next couple days though.


Grateful to find this community!

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Hi there


Glad you found this amazing community.


Can you give us a bit more information about yourself?  It helps us get a picture of you and your circumstances - it's also because I'm incredibly nosey :-) , but seriously, so glad you found us.

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Haha - certainly. Well, I turned 43 while in the hospital. I’m a musician and I work a couple other jobs as well. I live on the East coast of the USA but I came home to my native St. Louis, MO after I was released. 

My immediate family is all in St. Louis and my mother really wanted me to come home for a while after I was finally released.


I do have a bit of an update - they see a “tiny, tiny” aneurysmal-looking area on my scans from yesterday - the doctor said he would’ve not even thought anything of it had I not had this specific issue. Disappointing but I should be glad I’m being watched so closely. They also never got my last scans so maybe it’s kind of innocuous with that context? I don’t know.

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Hi There :) 

A very warm welcome to BTG. You will find lots of helpful information and friendly caring support here.


Good to know they are watchng you closely. Also glad you are home with your Mother whilst your recover.

Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. Rest up lots and drink plenty of water, it really does help with the headaches and nasty mending twinges.


Wishing you well with your recovery.


Take care



P.S. feel free to join in the daily banter in the Green Room any time.



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Hello and welcome to BTG...so many wonderful helpful people here.  I am glad you found us...You sound like you are making good recovery, be very gentle and kind to yourself.  The brain takes time to heal.  

Being with your mom is wonderful :) we are all here supporting each other as we have all recovered .... I too am from the east coast of the USA but here we are with our support group from across the pond...Love them.



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