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Greater Occipital Nerve (GON) Block Injection

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Hi Leonie

Thank you so much for taking the time to explain this to me.

I have to say Im dreading it as absolutely every single treatment, operation, proceedure goes wrong for me.

I had an ICP bolt pressure monitoring proceedure in Queens Square, London in October and even that went wrong as the wire that was inserted was faulty. Have you had that done?

I have my appointment for Monday morning in Plymouth hospital and I guess I will go through with it, although I am petrified and I do not understand why they cannot do both sides at the same time. What is the point in relieving one side of pain if the other side continues?

I have stopped taking tramadol as the side effects are horrid so am only surviving on paracetemol every day now. I dont know what else to do really.

I have spoken to a clinic in Harley street that claim that if you paralize the nerve between the eyebrows that can very often stop the headaches. They test this with a free consultation, form filling and examination and then if they decide if you would be a good candidate. If so, they put botox in to see if the actual operation to paralize the nerve permanently would work. The botox will last a few months and costs 350 quid. So I think Ill probably go for that to see if that works after this injection. If it does then the 3k that it costs for the operation would be money well spent although I dont have that sort of money so would have to get a loan or something.

There is another guy called Dr Shevel of South Africa that has a completely different take on it and whilst his ideas and proceedures have been completely poo pood by my neuro, he has been so very helpful, constantly in touch and interested and has done various dissertations and had many many patients who claim his proceedure works. He has provided me with his studies and also a list of patients I could ring that would be prepared to discuss the proceedure and the pros and cons. However that really is silly money so out of the question for me until I win my claim against the hospital in Spain for their surgical error, but I certainly would try it as the few suggestions he has given to me to try just myself at home, such as pressing firmly on the blood vessels that run above the ears, putting a very tight band around my head with pressure again on the blood vessels that run above the ears have certainly helped no end. The minute I press on these vessels the pain almost vanishes! It really is incredible.

My headache feels hot, pressure and by the end of the day feels like someone is banging hammers on the back of my eyes, however i am not light sensative in any way nor is noise a bother for me. I am always a lot worse in the sitting position and need to lie down often.

How long have you been suffering? Was there any reason for the onset of your headaches?

I so so feel for you. I feel I have to stop every day. Have no quality of life, cannot enjoy the simplist of things such as sitting at a table for a meal as the headache gets so much worse.

Anyway once again, thank you so much for the information.

Ill stay in touch and I hope to hear from you again soon


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