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Hello from MissMoneyPenny


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Hi MissMoneyPenny

Just a few words

Im a teacher too whose SAH happened in SEpt 2010.

My school has been great. I return to work in Feb, a phased return. Talk to your union they can give you lots of support, help and advice

My head, colleagues and OH been very supportive.

Your doctor needs to know about this site. It will help her understand how devestating SAH are and how tiredness is one of the biggest problems ( as well as all the others)

Teaching is very very very demanding and you do need to reduce your hours. Remember you are entitled to 6 months on full pay!!

Im sure you are a dedicated and commited teacher but this site has helped me put myself first and I was worked obsessed because I love my work but know now my life comes first. You have to listen to all the fantastic advice and your own body, this will help you get through the difficult recovery months ahead.

Im still going through the process, its a massive learning experience!!!

Take Care


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Hello and welcome! I second what the others said - it's early days for you. Any brain trauma (and you've had that even if they couldn't find a cause) will make you tired, so make sure you listen to your body. I'm still working out how to do that 11 months post-op LOL!! Take care :)

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Thank you all - again :)

To be honest I think I thought it was going to be like the flu...you had it and you got over it!!! It has been a MASSIVE shock these past few weeks feeling like I've regressed. And I am struggling a bit with the fact they didn't "do" anything...so I wonder if I'm walking with a time bomb in my head...but then I guess EVERYONE has really...it's called "normal life"!

I had no idea it was so "uncommon" seeing as it's called a stroke and there is even an advert on TV for stroke!

Thank you again...I'm learning lots from you all xxx

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Hi again Miss Moneypenny!

It was a big surprise to me as I started searching on the net that are so many different types of strokes and I didn't know anything about aneurysms and I had never heard of non aneurysm SAH's. It is a huge learning experience and most people never need to know about all this stuff. I don't know how rare all of the different brain injuries are but I've read that NASAH's happen to 1 out of 100,000. I may have even read it it here.

There aren't many of us out there! It's what makes this forum so special. It would be difficult to create a support group that I could attend physically because there just aren't many others out there. I'm so glad we are all here for one another!

Sandi K.

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G'Day M P, welcome to the site. This site has answered questions for me when my GP could'nt. One person said to me that having a SAH is like your brain having a heartache, Your brain can't fully rest as you need it to work for us to live. So recovery takes a long time , and we get exhasted very easily, i had mine in June 2010, so im 7months post, it is only now that i feel alittle rest from the exhastion , so things are getting better. Ask any questions , go and see your GP reguarly, so she can keep up to date how your feeling. Like everyone else has said drink plenty and rest, i found that helped .

Take care Rhiann xx

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