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MRI scan

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My feet had an x marked on them too. I had an angiogram and although it sounds scary and painful to have a tube run through an artery from your groin upwards I didn't find it bad at all. I think I was pretty drugged up! I was already on both morphine and codein and then they gave me a shot of something that calmed me and made me feel quite content during the procedure. I thought the whole thing was really cool! I felt as though I was part of the diagnostic team and asked lots of questions (how much does one of these cost?) but don't remember the answers! The worst part was lying flat for 3 hours afterward and having to pee so badly!!!! :roll:

Sandi K.

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Well the MRI went ok although very noisy!! Just glad its done and just got to wait for the results on 21st March now. It is interesting with all the different comments on here there is so much to learn.... Sally I agree it is too much for my brain aswell!!!.

After talking with the radiographer who did my scan I learnt that I have already had a angiogram done before my op which I was was not aware of but I was in that much pain I wouldn't of cared what they did:lol: and also learned that I have only 2 coils in my head and she told me that this was good as some people have 15/16 so I'm presuming that it was not a big bleed I did ask but she wouldn't say a lot!!

.....anyway i hope everyone is ok

Vicky xx

P.s Stu I hope your angiogram goes well for you on 10th March

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