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High blood pressure (hypertension)

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Hi Sue -- glad I can raise a smile; you are right, it is the best medicine around. Like you, I had a real problem with blood pressure in hospital in it being too low. Apparently they needed my BP to be at a certain level (something to do, I think, with helping the site of the coiling to heal and the blood to circulate away, but am guessing rather than know this for sure). It is still on the low side, although I do keep an eye on it on the advice of the neurologist.


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I went to the docs this morning and he's happy that my blood pressure is now at or below the target level of 140/90 :D so it's now a matter of "keep taking the tablets". I've got to have another blood test in about a month to check my cholesterol again, but hopefully the visits to the doc will become less frequent. I've probably seen the doc more times in the last 7 months than in the last 20 years!



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