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Patient Empowerment Speech

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a stunning speech and very touching having been down big time and not being social you have pulled me out big time i have shown your speech to lin who seemed to watch it intently until you finished and she got noisy so i played it again and again and lin cant get enough of watching you congratulations on such a stunning acheivement and looking so confident and so pretty no stunning on stage hubby must be so proud of you as a brit would say wow you knocked them into the isles girl hugs and cuddles sweetheart

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Wow I am overawed by all your reactions!

It is funny that when i decided to go and DO this I only thought about if I wold be able to manage remembering my speech and things like that.

I never thought about the after effects..

My twitter, and email has exploded, and I have a hard time keeping the pressure of 'what's next'at bay.

I want to translate my blog into English, reply to everyone, go out there and get a new job.. ( as of today my contract is expired and am now, aisde from my own practice officially a jobless patient).

But then i realise I can't.

This was a big leap forward. A very registered and carefully planned one-time-only event. Falling back to my normal routine is a bit harder than I thought it would be. Quite confronting as well.

But I'm very proud I did it, and am realy happy with all the fabulous responses I got.

Can't look at myself anymore though.. I only hear my nervous tone and all the UNpossible grammar mistakes I made..


Anyways, Thank you all for your nice words, It is truly great that what I said is inspiring to some of you, and helps you to get on YOUR own ship.

All you reactions help me to go on on my own voyage!

With Love,

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'Can't look at myself anymore though.. I only hear my nervous tone and all the UNpossible grammar mistakes I made.. '

Nessie I have taught English as a second lanquage and I honestly didn't notice any grammer errors! If there were any I am sure they were delivered with such a quiet and calm dignity that made them impossible to sound anything but charming.

As for being nervous, well you could have heard a pin drop in the auditorium and there was 'little ol you' in full focuss.


Forgive yourself emmediately girl.

We are proud of you!:-D

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Hi Nessie!

How about a book?

You are already writing a blog, perhaps it could become a book! Or you could start fresh and go on the same premise as your speech but expanded. And then you would have a book tour afterward!

You could take your experience as a healthcare provider into account along with becoming a patient who is in charge of her own recovery to teach the medical community about us. It would bring so much awareness.

Writing a book would give you the quiet you need now and then the venturing out for talks later when you have more energy!

Sandi K.

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LOL Sandi it has crossed my mind. And other peoples minds as well. I think it would be great, and would love to use the momentum. but for now I am too unorganised and not fit enough.

Ever since 'the talk' my nightmares are back. There's just too much going on. so back to basics.. My snappy, crappy teary basics.. :)

*taking it easy*

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You were indeed graceful, and immensely moving - I admire your composure Nessie, fabulous. I had my SAH shortly after yours (17th June 2010), and have been searching for your blog without success. Sorry, but could you point me in the right direction please?

Take care of yourself,

Mace :-P

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