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Hi, I'm Michael


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Hello and welcome! Yes, we are the lucky ones :) I suffer mainly from short term memory lapses and fatigue, but 16 months in (tomorrow!) I'm beginning to get much, much better. I think I delayed my recovery by pushing myself too hard for aaaages. Like someone else said, I used to pride myself on being quite a clever clogs and not being quite as on the ball was a huge shock to me :D

Anyway, there is a good NHS page about RLS. It explains how sometimes if you avoid the reasons behind the RLS you can do something about it. I get it when I'm really tired - overtired I suppose. When it's past my bedtime for example. It's been happening for years and is neither worse nor better since the SAH. As a medical secretary I am sure I've typed letters stating they give quinine sulfate for it - is that what you were offered? I don't know of the possible side-effects...

I hope you find a solution to your problem as it must be really annoying!

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Hi Michael,

A late reply from me, I haven't been here much... Sorry if the RLS advice shocked you :) But thought it was worth sharing.

My husband's a Scot and although living here he's not all that easy talking about these things either.. so it's not the geogrpahy, but the culture I guess.. :)

( in fact he was shocked when I told him I sent you this link... LOL brits are very funny imho :)


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