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The Dented Image- i still don't have a copy but I know people from here contributed.http://www.amazon.co.uk/Dented-Image-Journeys-Subarachnoid-Haemorrhage/dp/0415386721/ref=sr_1_sc_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1331625325&sr=1-1-spell


I read this one but its not for everyone & I would say not a typical sah recovery story but it is useful to see someone elses view

I agree. I read this and it helped me immensely. I also read "Left Neglected" which has nothing to do with SAH, but had everything to do with a super busy, active woman suddenly being left with a different life experience. It was, of course, WAY worse than my situation but it helped me get some perspective. (Unlike others, I resent that my life is not what it used to be because I loved my 25 hour a day life!)

I also read "Where is my Mango Princess" which was interesting, funny, and probably a good one to read to get the POV of a carer. I started "Rebooting My Brain" but at that point felt I was over-focusing on being "sick" so took a vacation from all of it hoping to move on.

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I downloaded a Kindle book a few months back and it has been so very helpful and effective I thought I would share. I have to say though, if it's possible to get a hard copy I would recommend it as you need to flip back and forwards a few times. It might just be me, but I find that very challenging on a Kindle!

This is a self-help CBT book called: Overcoming Insomnia and Sleep Problems by Colin A. Espie

This book is actually a CBT course. You don't read it all at once, rather it should be read and actioned at a rate of one chapter per week. The whole point of the course is to help you develop a strong bed-sleep connection. For me, my bed had become my nemeses. My GP had told me it was better to be lying in bed awake than up and using my tired brain. I can see the logic there, but he was so very wrong.

Part of the book discusses 'sleep efficiency'. This is the percentage of time asleep to the length of time in bed. When I started the book, my sleep efficiency was at an average of 62%. After working through the book, my sleep efficiency is now rarely less than 93%. I used to lie awake for several hours before falling asleep finally from exhaustion. Now, if I am awake for more than 20 minutes it's very unusual. It's such a joy not to have the hassle of being awake half the night!

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