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Thanks for the update. I am following yours and Mary's progress on this. I'm glad they are able to give you a little something. I have talked with my doctor's about these drugs and they are not real receptive but say I could use as a last resort. Prolly cause I'm fat and would not do well on stimulants.

My brother was on Dexedrine and he has had a brain cyst for 15 years. He liked it but now he's on something else. What a surprise eh?

Since I have 24/7 headaches I take a painkiller that sort of works as an energy booster. It allows me to feel "normal" for a few hours and get through the work day. But it's just a temporary fix.

Have you ever heard of Provigil? My docs want to put me on that. It is for people with narcolepsy or sleep apnea. May try that if I dont get more energy soon. It's supposed to be expensive though.

Thanks Sandi!


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I'm still finding the Dexedrine to be helpful. I don't take very much. Usually only 7.5 mgs a day. Some days I will take double that spread over several hours if I've got dinner plans or nighttime plans but that isn't very often.

If I take too much it brings on a headache.

If I forget to take it the fatigue slams hard and fast and includes sore arms and legs, foggy confused head, tight head, hoarse voice, and exhaustion. 20 minutes after taking the med I perk up again.

I asked neuropsych if this is causing any problems for brain recovery and he didn't believe so.

On November 15 a pharmacist is coming to meet with a group I'm attending and I hope to find out more about long term effects.

Sandi K.

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That's great news Sandi I will add this to my information for doctors as I'm waiting on a referral to see if I would be able to take something like this!! Still waiting as the first hospital I was referred to said I was to high risk for them to take on so I've been re referred.

Take care

Donna MaRie

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I am now taking Adderall and am not doing as great as Sandi with it. It certainly keeps me awake but since I did everything backwards by returning to work too early I cannot still add my life to my day.

Ritalin gave me a bad headache. I still get headaches but right now I am in a pretty good phase of not so much head pain. Four days and only one bad headache day. I think I need it to get through my day but I have an issue with it masking my fatigue and if I am fatigue maybe I should be resting. Although they tell me it is ok to take it I still "feel" it is maybe not the best thing.

Mind you with that conflict I cannot go back to bed everyday at

9:00am either. It may be that with my other health issues it does not work as smoothly as I wish it would but better than sleeping literally all day. My what I call 2nd phase of deep fatigue happened at about 15 months.

I see a fibro specialist the end of November and my neurosurgeon in December for another MRI. I am happy with my GP and nurse practitioner as they both "get me". I have had a lot of face pain that I addressed in another thread so maybe now I have that sorted out and the Adderall will be better?

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Casey R, I  was switched from Ritalin to Adderall months back. I cannot function without it. I can take 2 to 4 a day. Most days 2 of the 5mgs at around 9:30 if I can remember another 5mg at 1:00. It keeps me awake and focused. I swear when I do not take it I literally can walk in circles in my house. I LOVE it, I wish I could focus without it but think I am not able to anymore. I can at least keep some normalcy to my life with it like balancing check book. It took awhile to adjust to dose.

I had LOTS of company this week and took 2 and 2 later at 2:00 one day that we were out and I was able to be like a normal person that day. My day is over about 3:00 now. I make dinner and 3:00 and I am done. But I use my hands in evening most of the times knitting or something now. I have, was diagnosed with cluster headaches but really have trigeminal neuralgia type 2 so I have to be careful of stimulants. I only have coffee in am and no tea or sodas all day. Good luck Mary

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