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Form has arrived

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  • 8 months later...

Well finally after my Benefit ending 21.06.2014 CAB visits and forms sent again in March 2014 I went back to CAB who called them and hey-ho got an apt next month for an assessment (but what are the odds of the date being the same as my dental apt) so finally they say if I don't attend it 'could effect my benefit' Er!! what benefit YOU stopped it - its a case of one hand not having a clue what the others doing... :huh:

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"No Stress" they tell us and look what you have been through Louise. 


Don't know what to say as it wouldn't be P. C.  !!


Keep your chin up Louise and fight on !!  (if you feel up to it)  as the saying goes,  don't let th B's grind you down.




WinB143 xxxx

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  • 1 month later...

Finally something good, they moved the ESA group I was in (they stopped my benefit in June 2014) & I got a back payment so, so happy after almost 4years I can finally put this behind me...

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Well done Louise-


As you say- positive news-  delighted-


Winnie and Keith will probably have a song-  but I`ll get in there first-


`You Kept Me Waiting Just a Little Bit Too Long !


Jim Maclaine and the Stray Cats

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  • 2 weeks later...

My goodness Louise! I'm surprised you haven't grown horns and have steam blowing out your ears from the frustration of waiting so long! Congratulations, though! What a relief. 


It is this that scares me when I consider going on part time disability, even though I have paid for disability insurance. I wonder if the stress will be worse than the stress of working and running out of sick pay. I do every year. I still love my job, though, and don't want to lose it but would like to go to half time.


So happy for you and bless you for hanging in there!

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