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Very random Sore throat

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Hi guys, from my sah I've been taking random sore throats, and just within the last half hour it's back.

The first time it happend I put it down to the fact that maybe when they removed the breathing tube it may have damaged the skin, maybe it stuck to the skin as my mouth and throat would have been very dry, but it cleared up in less than a day with some over the counter meds.

A few weeks later it happened again but the strange thing was it moved, it was sore on the right hand side for hours then just stopped and straight away and the other side hurt but then cleared up on its own with in a few hours, and now its back

It never lasts more than a day and is not really sore until I swallow then its really painful, and its surprising how many times you swallow without eating or drinking.

As I say, very random and very annoying.

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Mary it's just a strange one, mind it's probably nothing to do with sah bt never happened before it and seem to get it at least once or twice in a fortnight from it, never lasts more than a day and its gone now not even a dry throat or hoarse throat, completey gone as quick as it came.

Thought about singing as I can be quite loud when it's noisy but only sang need my breath yesterday, my only meds is an asprain everyday, can't see it being that, I'm off the smokes three months, possible connection.

Next time it flares up will just do a walk in appointment in the doctors.

It's not that bad, but just want to know what's causing it.

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My throat is so sore all that singing, no I have a cold and I ache real bad.

Try gargling with salt water, my answer to all ills. Also clean teeth in salt 2 x week.

If it doesn't work sorry lol

All the Best

WinB143 xx

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