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Weight Gain

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Hi Guys

I know this site is not here for medical advice but I was wondering whether any members have

suffered significant weight gain since recovering from an SAH. My dear wife is stacking on thekilos at the minute and I'm concerned as to how this will affect her future.

Because she also has cholesterol problems I make sure she eats the right food, by and large,

but she eats a lot and cannot exercise well due to her mobility problems.

Anyone else had a similar experience? Would love to hear from anyone who has overcome such

a situation. She shrugs off the weight gain but it worries me no end. Her GP has told her of thepotential problems but it doesn't seem to be registering with her.


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Hello sir.

Don't know if it will be any help to you but can only tell you my story on food and my SAH

While in hospital I lost two and a half stone in less than two weeks and was very gaunt looking, now bearing in mind I'm 5 foot 9 inches and a healthy fourteen and a half stone (I've a big frame due to football and work lol) but dropped down to twelve stone so quick, I looked Ill, I know I was ill but looking it is slightly different I think.

I was constantly told to eat, that I need to build my strength back up and slowly I started eating again and that's when I noticed my taste buds had either multiplied or became hyper sensitive but my god did everything taste so good, so good in fact that I would tell my partner to tell me that I'm eating too much because it just tasted so good I did not want to stop eating, certain things were worse, potato crisps and a certain brand of wine gums literally made me drool they tasted so good, to name a few.

I'm now 15 stone and need to watch what I eat but im still slightly over the weight I'm comfortable with, I'm only playing football once a week and not working so hard so really need to keep tabs on it or I will expand rapidly.

Don't know how mobile your wife is but you could consider water aerobics as its good at supporting weight and taking pressure of joints, or maybe a short walk with a balance aid, I'm sure your wife's physio would recommend better exercises.

Try different foods with your wife more healthy ones, ones that are maybe not a stable diet for most folk maybe instead of potato crisps maybe thinly sliced root veg done in the oven to crisp them up served with a dip, maybe a chilli one or sour cream big on flavour but not cals. to put a bit of flavour in an otherwise boring food.

In terms of dinners try cutting down on portion sizes and have a snack later on like little but often so you feel as if you're eating a lot when really your not.

One thing I have done is ditched the sweet snacks like chocolate and buns and replaced them with savoury snacks, still not the healthiest but better than the sweets, I think lol

Even better why don't I take on some of my own advice and lose a bit lol

Sorry not much help but best I could do, good luck

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hi lescaut

lin has suffered big time with weight gain although lin is peg fed and because of it I requested that they modify lins regime and put her on a lower type of feed as you know lin is unable to do anything and I spend quite a lot of time exercising her limbs to keep her supple and to try and burn off the extra weight and its working is it possible to get a cycle machine with just the pedals which you can adjust the tension if your wife can cycle sitting in a chair and can you talk to the physio at the hospital for advice on what can be done to help

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Yes to weight gain, then weight loss then gain and so on. I lost a lot of weight when in hospital so that was great, but for me the gain was due to the BP med I was on.

Recently I have been on strong pain killers and they made me hungry all the time my stomach just rumbled even after eating.. personally that was a horrible feeling but again Meds I was taking.

Its difficult with mobility to keep the weight good.

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Thanks for the responses.

Water aerobics sounds like a good idea and worth trying.

We have a venue not far from us.

Pre SAH Sandy had a fighting weight of around 68kgs.

In rehab she started off at about 45kg but that has about

doubled now. So you can appreciate my concern!!

Will let you know how we get on. Convincing her to go

may be the hard part. Strong-willed woman; always has


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  • 2 years later...

Oh yes, the weight gain!

When I had the sah I was dreadfully thin. I had a two month stay in the hospital, was fed through a PEG for a while, but when it was removed I ate everything I could, and gained weight before I left - the doctors were very happy, and I, although very happy to be going home, was rather miserable because none of my clothes fit.

For what seemed an eternity, my new 'stay at home sedentary lifestyle' meant I was home 24/7, most of the time alone, and free to eat whatever was available. As it turned out, I had developed quite a sweet tooth too, and a growing waistline.

Fast-forward almost 20 years, I've improved my diet; I have relearned how to walk, and as a result have bought a treadmill, (Still have to hold on for dear life!) and what's called a "Resistance Chair" - I can sit down, (crappy balance) while I use the pulleys for strength training.I have lost about 30-40 lbs, (I haven't a clue how many stone that is!) and just keep plugging away at it. I exercise when I can, but certainly not as often as I'd like.

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I liked that, as when I was in cuckooland and didn't know what was going on around me a man threw sweets up in the air and that's when my shunt kicked in. 
I took it that the Tall man offering me sweets was an angel and if he said I could eat them, then all well and good.
6 years on since my head/anni still love chocolates and 4 stone heavier than when I left hospital ok no wrinkles as my face is too fat lol shh don't tell the others xx
I will make this a diet I will stick with,  but back troubles stops me and in a wheelchair for long walks, so it's so hard ...okay up I get and tell me more about the chair please Sue I'll get one as a Christmas pressie. 
In 2010 I was told I'd never walk again so Hubs got me a zimmer frame, best pressie I have had it got me shuffling along but I walk say about 100 yards and the back goes, like today I polished.  Yes Yes I did some housework with chair by side of me and now I am suffering and typing too much,   14lb = 1 stone  so you have lost about  3 stone plus,  well done you but my maths are bad !! but someone will have a  calculator xx   Well Done You  xx

Win xxx

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