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I started learning about and practising Mindfulness a few months before I had my SAH and this practise has helped me no end to find some peace in very painful or anxious times.

I was never particulalry good at practising full blown meditation but the simplicity of focussing on the here and now in Mindfulness practise has helped me. Just last week I woke with pain and was able to calm myself by just focussing on the now, and that the moment would pass. It did, blooming long and horrid moment :crazy: but pass it eventually did.

Anyway I actually met this chap Professor Mark Williams pre SAH in my working capacity and I can thoroughly recommend his book “Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World” It is based on up-to-date scientific understanding of mindfulness and the blurb says 'includes a programme of short but powerful mindfulness exercises that anyone can fit into a busy day.' There is a new book soon called Mindfulness for Health which I think I will try and post here if its any good.

Anyway a friend from the centre has set up a venture teaching mindfulness into businesses but the blog they are keeping is actually very insightful and I thought might be helpful to some.


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I've been practicing Sahaja Yoga Meditation.

It involves mindfulness, but it is more about thoughtless awareness and gaining self realization. So it takes mindfulness at first and then you have to let go of your mind as the last remaining part of your ego. One of my favorite sayings as you begin is: 'I am not this body, I am not this mind, I am not this emotion...I am the pure sprit within'. This has really helped me to disconnect my emotional roller coaster that goes on without my control at times. Realizing it is just part of my injury and In actuality belongs to the body and does not impact my spirit...who I really am.

In the US, there is a live online sahaja meditation every week night at 8pm EST.


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