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Beta blockers and migrane headaches

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Hello everyone

Sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn't find any threads. My gp has just given me propranolol for migrane headaches

Having just had another 3 day migrane after my SAH 5 months ago, I just wondered if anyone else had tried them?

But think I'm willing to give them a go. So fed up with the headaches I used to suffer before the bleed and for a time after and I had hoped it was getting better but not at moment.

Just don't want anymore problems.

Thanks guys x

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Hi Kayleigh,

I've been on a daily dose of Propranolol for migraines for many years and it also helps with anxiety. I experience the classic type migraine, normally with aura and then the banging head and fatigue/feeling hungover for a day or so ....I had migraines with aura before my SAH....these developed from being a teenager with light sensitivity/severe sickness and stopped, then I had the aura type migraine after having my 2nd baby.

I take one tablet a day that keeps the migraines at bay, however I still do experience the odd migraine...but it does seem to keep them at an even keel.


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Hi Karen

Thankyou for replying , that's good to know they

Have helped you. I have started them now so will

See , I feel fine so far and if it helps with migranes

Has to be worth it , although the dvla are enough to give anyone

Migranes (lol) talk about going round in circles

But thanks again x

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