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Kensfamily - Hi, Initial confusion and your recoveries


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Hi all,

This seems like a great community and I'm sure it will be of great support to myself and my family over the next year or so. My name is Lloyd - my step dad suffered from a hemorrhage on Sunday night. He was taken to Swindon's hospital and then rushed to oxford's John Radcliffe. He was sedated for two days, but in the end didn't require surgery. He was moved out of intensive care today to he normal ward.

He's been awake now since Wednesday and is completely independent other than a bit of oxygen and blood pressure medicines. His physical mobility is fine - no difficulty with any of that, which is great! The only thing that concerned us today was his mental state, he thought we were in the year 1980 something, and the London Olympics were held in 1957 (the year of his birth).

I suppose what I'm looking for is your stories over how you or your family member has improved from this confused state of mind. Or even the difficulties you've had with the confusion.

It's quite difficult seeing a loved one get something so obvious so completely wrong.

Thank you so much,


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Hi Lloyd, warm welcome to the site glad you found us.

I was very confused for a long time but gradually that did improve, you just have to gently correct those errors prompt when its wrong above all don't get annoyed about it, I kept getting this wrong same thing over & over...

I hope he continues to progress it is a long road but with help & support you'll look back and think WOW!

take care

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Hi Lloyd. I am so pleased to hear your step dad is doing well.

It's a very worrying time for family members and especially for sons and daughters to see a parent behave so differently but he will hopefully continue to make improvement and chances are that some of his confusion right now is also down to the levels of medicine in his body, morphine alone can really confuse you.

You may have noticed that the staff check every few hours by asking questions like ' where are you' , ' what year is it' ' who is prime minister?' Basically they are checking against any brain changes after the bleed. I regularly got the date wrong and so I used to write it everyday and stick it on my bedside cabinet which I suppose was cheating but I really couldn't keep that short term memory in at all. But my long term came back quickly and sounds like your dad has too.

JR is a good hospital so he will get a good standard of care but do ask if you have any questions , often they don't think to tell relatives what to expect as to them this behaviour is normal....they work with it every day.

Take care now. Best wishes to your Dad. Tell him to drink plenty of water....:-D

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They asked me who was PM I said Tony Blair, well he was when I passed out.

I asked for a clue lol

My Hubby put our address on the wall, as I used to think I was in another house I lived in.

It comes back slowly and things do get better.

Good luck on his recovery.


WinB143 x

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my hubby is very confused - he talks in a strong welsh accent which he lost years ago, he thinks his dad lives in the house he left in the mid 80's and he mixes up all his favouite computer games with reality. yesterday he told me he'd tried 3 times to save me from the tomb and the 2 headed man but he didn't make it and i ceased to exist!

he constantly rambles about hamsters escaping and gangsters coming to kill him because he owes them money, and they're going to kill me too apparently.

his expressions are really over the top, he's much more animated than he ever was before. luckily the kids all find the whole thing hilarious and are very entertained by their new funny dad :biggrin:

i suppose this stage doesn't scare me too much as my mother had a stroke when i was a teenager and we went through the same thing with her - she's in her late 80's now and fit as a flea so try not to worry, it will pass xxxxxxx

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