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2 1/2 months post SAH and having facial/lip twitches

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I just started having this really slight twitch/spasm on my upper lip and now I notice it also on my cheek with some numbness. Has anyone else experienced this? I had several seizures while in the hospital so was put on Keppra and was wondering if it is a side effect of the medication or of the SAH.



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Hi Nana,

When I came home after having shunt fitted I used to wake up and my lips twitched.

I also made a funny noise like lips blubbering (hard to explain).

It scared me but it went after a while and it was only when I woke up I the mornings .

If worried see Doc and put your mind at ease.

Welcome to BTG and keep getting better xx

WinB143 xx

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I had a tooth removed a while back & was warned that nerve damage was a possibility & I did have a numb lip & part of my eyebrow felt numb too. some of that was from my op too (I felt like a rubber band was stretched from my eyebrow to behind my ear) Fortunately it wore off, it took quite a while but is totally back to normal now.

I'm not on keppera so I don't know if its a side effect of the drug. If you're at all worried you should speak to your neuro.

Take care xxx

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Hi Julie :)

I had twitching/spasms and numbness all down the right side of my face after surgery. I was told it was all the nerves and muscles reconnecting and mending. Mind you this was a few months on after surgery. My forehead is still paralysed on the right hand side and I have numbness and nerve pain at times on the side where my scar is and around my eye. My right eyebrow is still paralysed and always will be.

When I blink I twitch on the right between my cheek and mouth. I did not know this until my hubby told me :crazy: My Surgeon said this will always be now. He also told me that nerves grow slowly back, he said to imagine it like your hair growing a little bit each month.


I am sure it is just mending, but as Win & Gill have said if worried its best to get it checked out, as I was lucky not to have had any seizures.

Take care

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HI, Yes I have had a numb and tingle line from tip of my nose to lips. It is an odd feeling. I had it before NASAH and have it now again 2 years later. I am thinking more so where tired or stressed. I also developed face pain that may or may not be associated with that numb feeling. I "think" I read somewhere it was a nerve thing but I am not 100% sure that I am correct in repeating that.

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Thank you all for replying. I never had this twitch before my SAH so it must be associated with the nerves healing. I think I am healing quite well and fast.....already back to work. Just dealing with the odd things that crop up here and there.

My grandson spent the weekend with me last week, hes five, and slept with me in the same bed and he tossed and turned and I didn't sleep well two nights in a row. I had the worst headache after two days but once I got a good nights sleep I felt much better. So I see what everyone is talking about when you say the headaches are worse when you haven't slept well.

Thanks again.

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I had strange sensation in my upper lip for a very long time. It has faded now but not completely gone and if I am extremely fatigued then it will come back. I also get strange feelings in my hands which is very hard to describe...sometimes it feels like they belong to someone else and I can't feel them properly. Again, these days this is something that presents itself when I am very, very tired.

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