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What are you working on improving lately?

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Hey all,

I've been working on improving my impulsivity. If it is in the moment, I do it, buy it, think about it. However if it is in the future, I don't seem to really care about it. Anything that dashes my expectations of how I imagine things going, regarding me or my family, is hard to take. I usually end up talking through it out loud. Unfortunately, then everyone knows what I am thinking about...I'd rather keep it personal. One step at a time.

What about you?


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I would have to say I am trying to control my outbursts of anger. When I came home from the hospital I was so quiet and just let everything go. I have found within the last month I am angry.

Angry I am still afraid, angry I cannot sleep, angry I still have spiking pains in my head and vertigo. My patience runs thin and I am trying to keep it in check.


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I'm working on trying to be less fearful.

Before SAH I wasn't the most adventurous of people but I did love a new experience or challenge, travels afar held no fear, happy to try most things once. Now, my post SAH self sees danger and risk in many places and I am working to try and persuade my brain that we don't have to live in fear of mortal peril. The worse time is when I get pain return, I know it's not a bleed, I really do, but my brain seems to take me off on a journey of fear and worry and I am really hoping and trying to get to grips with my fears.

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I have become jealous since my SAH, I don't like me !!

I always worked with hubby and since SAH I feel unwanted.

It is in my mind I know, he goes out to work and I am no longer part of this life. I loved working with him.

He came home and told me about the works Christmas party and I am not invited !! I have gone green with envy. lol

He also told me about Secret Santa, I said "oh that will be good" I really thought otherwise.

I do not want to become a jealous wife but I am, as after spending 20 years +working along side him I feel I am no

longer needed . It's like my best Pal has chucked me.

I know it's silly but I feel empty inside so I am working on getting my best pal back.

He is typical male "What's wrong, ya daft thing" but I need to stop moaning and make our life Good Again ! and I will as we had a great life and we will again.

Love to All

WinB143 xx xx

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I'd like to reduce the fear and stop seeing danger is so many things. Five years on, yet I can't get away from me seeing so many things as being a potential hazard - I hate it. It is obviously becoming noticeable to my family and probably a little irritating for them too as I'm always warning them about 'what might happen'.

The other week we were watching someone on tv doing their first parachute jump and when I commented that they had to put a lot of trust in the person going down with them ie to open the parachute, I heard my 13 year old son say: "Here goes Mum again with her health and safety". I got up to go out of the room and as I did so, he said "watch you don't get a splinter on the door - it's made of wood". I did find that amusing, but it also made me think I must be quite annoying with my constant reminders about danger!


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Interesting thread Kris.

For me it has to be inner peace and fatigue management.

I am constantly bargaining with myself 'if I do that I won't be able to do this' This in turn uses up too much brain power and only adds to my fatigue. I also think I am at times guilty of avoiding situations because I do not want to experience the fatigue crash.

I recognise the behaviour pattern, but fail to do anything about it.

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Oh boy Kris good thread!

I am working on doing less work ( still need a paycheck though), enjoying myself more and taking care of my needs better. I feel self centered but it has been the only way I have been able survive the past few years but I need to rearrange my thinking yet again and look at the long term goals set before me. Setting goals of more peace and striving to have more of a life without working myself to death. But somehow needing an income.

So I guess working on having to work my job less, find an income and a peaceful way to juggle this and have time in my life set aside daily to improve my overall health.


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Families we love but they can wind us up at times.

We know they mean it in a joke way but we can get upset easier than before SAH.

I have a saying "Laugh if you're joking" and they know I have the rats/hump. lol poor families.

Be Well All

WinB143 xx xx

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I'm working on finding something to work on! :shock: It's 6 months and I find I am more spacey and less focused than when I came home from the rehab hospital. I feel like I'm stuck in a bad Doctor Who episode. I sit down at 9:00 am and it feels like the next time I look at a clock or become aware of moving on to the next thing on my to-do list it's 3:30 pm. I swear it's like time just disappears and I really don't know where it went or what I did all day!

I'm also working on keeping my anger in check. My son is autistic and sometimes his quirks are just so tiresome I have to use all of my energy not to explode in anger and remind myself if he can't wear socks today just let him go barefoot, etc., etc.

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What a great thread!

It's been two years and I need to work on two things; gratitude for where I am and I need to give up going back to the old me. I am SO lucky I can do almost everything I used to do, I just can't AS much all at once. I am back to running.

I want to be back to the person who got up before work and went to the gym, worked all day, came home and ran 5 miles, and then taught bootcamp. I may not be that person again, but I can run 5 miles after work, which is more most people can do. I can still teach bootcamp, even with a bad headache...I can dissociate for an hour and then go home and go to bed.



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