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Exercise following haemorrhage?

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Hi Every one, 


I had a brain Aneurism on 8th august 2019, its been a year now and i have had a coil and stent put in place, i used to work out twice a day and jog 4 km a day now i cant find any motivation to jog or get back in to any form of exercise. is this normal ?  

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Hi, sorry to read that you have no motivation to get back to your pre SAH fitness routine.


The effects of brain trauma are so varied. We have many members who have slowly rebuilt their stamina in an effort to regain their fitness. 


For some the motivation is there but the body and brain are unable to deal with high levels of physical exertion. 


One year on is still early in recovery terms. How are other factors in your life such as work, dealing with the family and coping with inter personal relationships with family, friends and work colleagues?


Perhaps you could tell us more about your SAH in the Introduce Yourself  Forum.


Meantime this link will provide helpful reading on exercise post SAH.




Please keep in touch and don't hesitate to ask any questions as all our members have faced the challenges of living after SAH.



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