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Touching my Head!

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Hi everyone,

Apologies in advance for this thread as it sounds very silly but I have decided to ask about touching my head!

I am permanently in pain with my head and various headaches and I am sure this is normal with a ruptured aneurysm and SAH. My consultant was still deciding to to do "clipping" because it is difficult (?) within my left MCA and on January 3rd I am having yet another angiogram to see if this blasted clot has decided to move or get smaller!

Anyway, my worry is touching my head. Even very lightly washing my hair or just a light touch with my hand causes my head to be extremely painful. It can be on top of my head, temples, back of my head, my ears, my nose and even worse it is my eyes, in fact sometimes it feels like my eyeballs are being pushed out. My nose feels painful as if it has been hit by a ball. Strangely my right side at my temple is worse than left which is where the clot is.

It also seems like my right eye has drooped slightly. Sometimes it seems like the eyeball then other times I wonder if it is the eyelid? But would this be the left clot or would it be the SAH? Does the blood go all over the head everywhere within the SA space?

I also had an horrendous headache last week and I very nearly went to A&E as it was above my right ear and was worried I had a bleed on the opposite side. Fortunately it calmed down eventually after 2 paracetamols and 2 codeines and went back to its normal achiness and I stopped feeling sicky.

Sorry to ask lots of questions and I guess I don't know very much. I know I am seeing Neurosurgeon on 16th January to see what happened in the angiogram but I would love to hear from you all who understand and have experience of all this head pain.

Thank you and I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas :-D

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Alison, as you know we can't give medical advice, we are not medically qualified.

For your concerns it is advisable to go and see your GP for answers, especially because you have a clot, as you seem quite worried.

Yes, headaches are quite normal and should diminish eventually, but it all takes time and each person is different.

To be honest you are not on your own with not knowing very much, I think initially we were all in the same boat.

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Thanks Penny. Don't worry, I guess I am only asking whether other people have had similar head pains if touched, really just to reassure myself I am not alone. I do understand not to expect medical advice on this forum. My GP is lovely but not experienced in SAH. I am seeing my Consultant on 16th January, 2 weeks after my angiogram so I do have lots of questions for him and I m hoping for some decision.

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Hello, I am sorry you are going through this. I had thought I was suffering from cluster headaches for the past 2 years and apparently my GP, Neurosurgeon and new (3rd) Neurologist all say I have atypical trigeminal neuralgia. My biggest issue was my right eye, I just wanted to scoped it out of my head it hurt so badly. The wind, cold air or me touching it can add a horrible pain. Now it is also my ear - deep inside. My teeth and jaw have been an issue for some time. I am just wondering if maybe you should look it up and ask if this is a possibility? I today found that laying my head on the heating pad help much with my right side of my face. Just a thought??

Good luck, I hope you see a doctor ASAP about this issue. Good luck, Mary

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I did have some facial pain at first and some tingling pins and needles on the top of my head too. I felt uneasy washing my hair as well. Your sensory nerves may be affected depending upon where you had your bleed, so I think pains in any part of the body happen in various degrees to us; at least to me.

If you are still worried, ask your doctor. I used to call up with my initial strange sensations and symptoms all the time. After a while, you get to know your new way and you know what is normal for you. Your doctor may be able to reassure you or if he/she thinks you need to come in.


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