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Two Years Out - Reporting in to say hello

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January 5, 2012-January 5, 2014

Its hard to believe that 2 years has passed since my NASAH. I'm doing well. I was one of the few people that made a quick and complete recovery. A significant bleed in my right parietal lobe did not require more than a 3 week hospital stay, as the bleed was under control; anti-seizure and pain meds did their job.

A couple of months of physio, mainly sensory and fine motor skill issues, to get back to daily routines.

Back to work and all activities within six months. No problems with headaches or fatigue and I am not on any medication. A slight change to my hearing, but that could come with age regardless.

Every day I am thankful for a complete recovery and count my blessings. In a sense, this all seems surreal, as if it happened to someone else and I've read their story as it doesn't seem like mine. I like to give hope to others that these incidents can result in a return to your 'old life'.

I am thankful to the people on this site that supported me and the friends I made off board. There's no other place like this. You guys are top drawer!

Just dropping in to say hello. I hope everyone's doing ok.


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Hi Sue :)

Hello and thank you for your update. You will give great hope to many on here :)

It is wonderful to read how well you have done and that you have your 'old life' back !

So very pleased for you :) please keep in touch.

Take care xx

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Forgot to mention, my mom is one year out from her craniotomy for her brain tumor. Almost complete recovery with a small amount of permanent damage to her visual field, but she recovered enough vision to get her drivers license back last June. Mom is doing great!

It was a tough couple of years, but we're tough gals!!

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Hello Sue,

How great to see you back on BTG!

Thank you so much for your update, it's wonderful to read such a positive story.

Many of your posts have given me such strength.

I'm pleased that you and your Mum are doing so well.

Big hugs to you honey.

Take care,

SarahLou Xx

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Hi Sue,

I am so glad you posted your status. It is good to hear you are back to your "old self". Always inspirational. I am going to hit 9 months soon and still have those darn spiky random headaches and dizziness. Getting better though. Can do just about anything but do still get wiped out the next day. Slow but sure.

Glad to hear your mom is doing well too.

Have a wonderful New Year and keep posting your status. It's so nice to hear such positive stories.


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Susan, Maybe God only heaps our plates so high, such that we can cope. Perhaps I was spared some of the after-SAH symptoms many of you suffer because I had the other beast to fight (cancer)? I'll never know, but I hope you're feeling better soon - sounds like you're progressing well. Take care...


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