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I heard a pop this morning. Followed by a headache, and dizziness. It's weird how now I question if it is a headache or something more. I think for now my hubby and I have analyzed it and decided its a migraine. I don't remember screaming but he assures me i was so we are confident its not a bleed. But I packed a bag of stuff for the ER just in case! For instance, a brush, a ponytail holder with no metal (for scans), shampoo I'm not allergic to, clean underwear, eye mask to block light, etc. I was remembering how disgusting it was when I couldn't stop puking and my really long hair was in the way! It took weeks before I could get it washed! I couldn't get the ICU nurses to understand I wanted them to get the puke out of my hair! :lol:

What would be in your "must have" bag if you thought it was happening again?

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As vain as it sounds I would want my makeup. If I could not put it on I hope someone would do it for me. When my mother was in the hospital, in a coma, my niece did her hair and makeup and she looked beautiful.

Of course the standard stuff like toothbrush, toothpaste, deorderant, etc...

I hope I never have to worry about packing a bag for THAT again.


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Hello Sue,

How are you feeling now? It's scary isn't it when we have these panics that make us think 'is it happening again?'

I know how you feel about the hair washing, I was desperate for a hair wash, I've long thick hair (although some was shaved off for clipping surgery) my hair was covered in blood and very knotted. A wonderful kind hearted nurse asked my parents to bring in baby shampoo and conditioner and bless that lovely nurse she spent ages washing my hair and combing out all the knots. I will never forget that act of kindness.

I felt so much better after she'd done that for me.

I've had a few episodes of stop in my tracks moments wondering if it's happening again.

For me it was having migraine but without the headache, seriously bad patchy vision, very off balance,really bad temple pressure, odd feelings in my head but not the classic migraine headache.

It was those around me that were more scared and wanted me to go to A & E, I kept quite calm and knew that I would give it a half hour time limit, as these problems would normally ease off after laying in the dark and having total peace and quite. I know though that I would have got medical help if things got worse.

It's hard to work out the difference between issues that are SAH related and other things that are just normal every day ills. It's all to easy to group all sorts of aches and pains that we think could be SAH related and simply are not.

I really do believe in what will be will be and when my time is up it is up.

To answer your question of what would I take into hospital... In my bag would be a photo of Miss C as she truly gives me laughter, light and strength.

I'd also take ear plugs and eye mask!

Not that I ever intend on needing that bag again, but hey, you never know what the future holds.

I wish you well honey.

Take care,

SarahLou Xx

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It's weird to be able to "prepare" for *that* trip to the ER again. But now my husband and I have decided to be prepared for anything. We are older parents, our son is only 5. So we decided we need an emergency book. So today we hung on our wall, in a place emergency people could find, a list of important phone numbers, where to find each of us at varying intervals during the day, those phone numbers. For instance, if it is during the week my son is at School # 2, the principals name and number. My husband's boss and secretary numbers, etc. People in order to take our son or pick him up at school, etc.

I don't ever want to worry about my family again. The last time I may not have called for the ambulance if I was alone with my son but luckily my parents were staying with us so I felt comfortable someone was here who would take care of him while the paramedics did their thing. Know what I mean??

I like having my "kit". It now feels like I have an umbrella on a sunny day! It never rains when I have my umbrella! :wink:

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