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gripping headaches

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Hi Moonlite, sorry to hear you're suffering with such bad head pain hopefully your Dr can help with this. I suffer with chronic nerve pain on the side I had my craniotomy and have done ever since the clipping.

I returned to my G.P regularly in the first couple of years like yourself because of clipping was discharged by the Neuro hospital. I had a C.T scan done by my local hospital about 6 months after in A & E and it was sent over to Walton who seen nothing suspicious then a further C.T scan 18 months after that and forwarded back to Walton.

This was when I got told that the pain is probably caused by a trapped nerve but as I have the clip the only way to find out would be by MRI and this is not an option because of the clip. My lovely Neurosurgeon told me I would have to learn to live with pain and reminded me that at least I was alive.

I also take a low dose of ant-depressant which does help to a certain extent. Push your G.P to refer you back to the hospital it is worth it.

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I'm so sorry you're in pain. There could be a lot of reasons that aren't another SAH that are related to your headache. I also get gripping headaches, and have since my SAH over two years ago. My doctors have diagnosed it as pain neurons that are overactive and will, eventually, settle down. I've had many MRIs, MRAs, CT scans etc and everything is fine. I understand how scary it feels, though, to have head pain.

I have another friend who had an SAH about 9 months before me who also has daily chronic headaches, and Wade who is also here on BTG gets them as well.

I'm not poo-poohing your pain, so please don't think I am. I'm trying to reassure you that I understand how worrisome it can be, but it can also just be left over from the blood in the CFS and part of the healing. Do go see the doctor, but don't borrow worry. Healing from an SAH takes time and we all have many different sensations including pain (gripping, burning, pounding, cramping, etc.)

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Hi Thank You all for your kind words well the doc gave me codeine phosphate to try for a week if still persists then take another action, so time will tell I've been taking them since lunch yesterday but there still there so time will tell, but i will not dwell on this life is too short. it is nice to know people do care. xxxxx Again thank you. :-)

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