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Mum feeling very sick and general rant about idiot relatives!


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I'm new to this site and am looking for advice for a carer as my Mum had a grade 5 SAH about a month ago, she is home now, and Dad and I feel she is recovering remarkably. Last week she was very sick in the car on the way home, and any motion makes her feel sick. Even just pottering around the house (she will get up to go to the bathroom, and then have to recover and rest from that for a while) she gets tired and feels sick very easily. Has anyone else experienced this?


The sickness has reduced since being in hospital, as she has gone from actually being sick, to feeling sick. But trying to eat makes her feel sick as well, we are hoping that like most things, this will improve with time. What are other people's experiences of this?


Understandably, she is very cautious about going in a car again. Her relatives wanted to take her out to lunch, but she explained how tired and fatigued she was, even just getting herself downstairs tires her out, and that she doesn't want to go in a car due to the sickness, and they unbelievably turned tut, and didn't even come and see mum. Dad and I have had trouble with them since Mum has been in hospital.


Her brother phoned up the nurses looking after my mum a week after being in hospital and was f-ing and swearing and shouting at them because they couldn't give him an update about mum due to Data Protection, despite Dad and I contacting them twice daily. So my Dad called this side of the family up to ask what was going on and was subjected to yet another rant of shouting and swearing, and accusations of us "hogging" my mum.


It was all we needed really after Mum being in hospital for a week, and trying to come to terms with everything after her SAH, coming to terms with the fact that she has a high chance of death. We had been told she had a huge bleed on her frontal lobes, and an infarction at the back of her head. After trying to explain to these troglodytes what happened to Mum, the consequences, what happens now, recovery etc etc they still don't seem to understand. We even got one of the Doctors to explain, given them leaflets, the penny still doesn't drop.


They continue to argue about who's been on the worst painkillers, while mum lays there semi-conscious. It infuriates me! Has anyone got any ideas on how best to deal with them? How to make them understand? I think they've had numerous explanations, think they know it all already and aren't listening to even my mum. Should my Dad and I leave them to it and ignore them? I don't want them forcing my mum into things she doesn't want to do.

Thanks in advance :-D

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Hi there. Sorry to hear about your mum but I am glad she survived and is home. You and your Dad are looking out for her which is great.

The sickness is very familiar to me. I had a grade 4 SAH and the sickness was with me for many months. Sudden movements are to be avoided, don't try and get up to quickly, I also found sleeping propped up a bit helped me , still do that in fact. If anything has changed though then you should get your mum checked out. The docs can help with some anti sickness but the important thing I found was to set small and frequent meals to keep my energy levels up, the brain is using masses of energy to heal. If I overdo things now it's an early sign I need to rest.


In the car maybe try wearing sunglasses and short journeys at first, build things up gradually.


Your relatives are just scared and acting differently to you. Try and empathise that they may not have the knowledge or confidence that it sounds like you do to ask the right questions, they obviously love your mum but don't realise that brain injury actually needs a slow, calm, quiet and measured approach. Put in place routine, that helps, give people jobs that will help your mum. I used to have babysitters for the first month of being home, they would sit downstairs whilst I slept. Bring me drinks, make meals, come and have short quick chats. It was comforting but not demanding.

Glad you have your mum home

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I used to be travel sick as a little girl and when I had my sah it came back big time I hate it not as bad now and I am fine in front seat of a car, trains however her family should be more understanding and if they know everything I would ignore them and leave them to it. Jess.xxx

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Gew Hi,

Now Mum is at home she will get better sooner, I was in hospital for 4 months then transferred to a hospital nearer.

My hubby barred my family until I became really ill. He wanted me to get rest.

My surgeon said "No Stress" so keep those away who give her stress.


I wish your Mum well and remember she loves you all.

Good luck

WinB143 xx xx

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Hoping you will read this. I'm going through the same thing with my dad. He's 4 months on from his SAH. He also had infarct in his cerebellum.  He suffers with severe motion sickness and is very muddled and confused. Just wondered how your mum is now? 

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Lindsey, this thread is 3 years old now so I doubt if you will get any answer, the original poster is not visiting anymore. I suggest you start a thread of your own with more detail if you would like to hear from others that possibly have the same problems as your dad.

Please be aware that we cannot give medical advice.

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Lindsey I have answered on your other post but as you can see I also suffered from this post my bleed which was in 2012. 


A few tips are to always get up slowly to standing, I still do this to this day if I don't then I would land on the floor pretty quick and I learnt that to my cost a few tims.


sleeping propped up may help a little and also just noticing what cognitive demand you are having in the day.  if your dad is using a lot of cognitive effort whilst he is healing then the brain just will make its own arrangements to cope with that. If he feels increasingly dizzy or symptoms  are changing though do raise it with the neuro team as it shouldn't be getting worse.

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I used to sit up as I needed loo and in those days I couldn't walk, I woke house up just needing the loo and got giddy for rushing to go to toilet. (nice subject) lol


I was told what Daffs has said "sit up slowly when ready swing legs off bed and sit there for a while then slowly get up"  whilst giving my orders xx


Dad will get there eventually as I did and this site is good as it lets us know we are not alone xx


Good Luck


Win xxxx

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