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Yay!! Keep calling every day and I reckon you'll have your licence back before the end of this week or end of next at the latest. They have all they need Ally. It can't take much reviewing can it?!!


They called me at work at to tell me that they were giving me my licence back. They said that they would sort out the licence later that afternoon but I was not able to drive until the licence records had been changed. I took the afternoon off (well I was keen to drive!) and sat by the phone waiting for that call.


At 16.36 the phone rang and an angel at DVLA told me my licence was reinstated. 'Fantastic! Thank you so much', was my response. "Er, the licence will not be valid until midnight tonight....."


Silence, whilst I took that particular bit of news in! 


I got up at 06.00 (it was a Saturday morning so this, in itself, was quite a thing!) and my former chauffeur/wife happily filmed me driving away for a rather long drive which involved A roads, B roads and motorways and a little bit of 'spirited but safe' overtaking.  ?  Bliss!


Keep us informed!



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So I have just called the DVLA who said they wrote to me yesterday sending my licence as I have passed the medical assessment, and I will get my licence in 3-5 days. Apparently I can start driving immediately! I am super excited, and frantically trying to get myself insured on my lunch hour at work.


i have a question, when I’m asked how long I have held my licence is it since I passed my driving test originally (ie 2003) or when I got my licence reissued yesterday?


Thanks, Ally

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OMG!! Fantastic news! That has proper made my day! I had a feeling at the beginning of this week (hence my earlier comment) that the news would be good and would come soon. I hope you managed to get your insurers on board. Go home early and just get out there! 


Be careful until you are comfortable that you can cover all bases when driving. Be more vigilant than you would have been in the past. 


Have fun and if you are ever in the SE London area, give me a shout and I'll hoon with you! (a 'hoon' is a petrolhead's terminology for 'going out for a drive for absolutely no other reason than the pure joy of it!) 


Congrats Allyc!



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So very pleased for you Allyc. My son is in process of his application under exceptional case. Can please I ask about your Esterman vision test ? My sons has improved greatly where has full central vision, and now only 4 scattered points missed in top left quadrant under the required 50 degrees on left. He does have more on lower. Are you able to please share a screenshot of your test for comparison ?


We discovered this thread &  Johnny shared this a while back which encouraged my son to apply. It would really help to build up a bigger picture of how the DVLA operates although we understand everyone is individual & each case is different. If you would like to private message me on this site.


Well done. I am so over the moon for you. I know what it means having independence taken away. I too have surrendered my license post brain surgery for removal if large brain tumour. So we both can’t drive and having matching craniotomy scars. We look more alike than ever is the family joke at the moment. 


Take care. Be safe. 



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Hi Lyne, thank you so much :-) of course, I will dig out my Esterman results tomorrow and message you a copy. It’s definitely worth a try for your son to attempt the exceptional circumstances route. It can feel like a tough battle at times, especially with getting the evidence from a medical professional but you just have to keep trying. I hope you are doing ok post-op!


Thanks Johnnie, I have never heard of the term ‘hoon’ before but that sounds great! I am getting my confidence back at moment and have done a few shorter trips, but hoping to brave a 15 mile ish trip mid- morning on Monday. I’m hoping the roads will be fairly quiet!


I drove to a local retail park yesterday and it was only when I nearly approached the car park that I realised I was going to attempt parking in a super busy, small car park, at a weekend, just after the last pay day before Christmas! Thankfully it was all Ok in the end 😅I won’t be doing that for a little while though!



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Hi Johnnie/Ally/ all


Quick update on my sons recent Estermann test. More improvement.  Still falling just short of the 50degrees DVLA criteria but full central vision & a very good clear central line. Peripheral vision present after 80degrees too 👍🏼  


Moving forward and hope DVLA consider his exceptional case application. 


So thankful to this site. 


All the the best for 2019




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