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3 months on........

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Guest Paul Cummings

Hi everyone, well it's been just over 3 months now, and I'm still in a lot of pain, my doc does not seem to know anything about the condition I have.....! he knows I had a bleed to the head, had all the scans MRI, CT, CT angio's and the biggi....the Digital Subtraction Angiography, all have come back clear no aneurysm found.

It's the headaches and twinges that are so sore, Ive been given 20 mg Amitriptyline for the twinges and 60 mg Co-deine for the aches, but the pain still gets through :( The other day I was so bad I thought I was having another SAH........

Any thoughts on this as, I feel a bit of a fraud when going to the Docs for meds.


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Don't feel a fraud. Recovery is very different for everyone. Have you been trying to do too much which can have a detrimental affect.

Drinking plenty of water and I mean plenty really does help with the headaches.

Try to take it easy and let your brain heal. 3 months, for most, is very early on in the recovery process.

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Hi Paul,

After my SAH I was in a constant panic about my headaches.

It does get better but if you are worried see your Doctor.

Where I had my scar I used to bathe it with warm salt water.

Now see Doc and he'll put your mind at rest.

Good luck.

WinB143 x

No Stress my surgeon told me !! forgot to tell you that !!

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Hi Paul,

Mine was non aneurysmal as well and at three months I still felt terrible. At five months I started feeling almost human again and at six months I felt like I was falling backward down the mountain I was climbing.

I went to see my neuro and he told me it would be like that. Some days good and some days bad. He said to give it 12-18 months. I am at 11 mos and finally getting there. Still have headaches and the random spiky pains. It's frustrating.

Give yourself time and don't overdue. That was my mistake. Water does help. Your brain is like a baby's brain and needs lots of TLC.


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Hi Paul

I've just gone past the 4 month stage after having an intracerebral bleed. I found the first 3 months hard with regular headaches. I kept being told to take codeine and paracetamol (I was already on Amitriptiline for sleep). However a couple of weeks ago I was chatting to my GP about my worse headaches when she realised I was now suffering from migraines rather than normal headaches!

A chat with my neurologist the next day confirmed he thought they were migraines too. I've now got migraine specific medication and wow it makes a difference. Apparently a number of people do develop migraines after a brain injury (although they're also common in women of my age anyways so it might be a coincidence).

Obviously we don't know whether you have migraines, but what I'm saying is don't be afraid of hassling your doctors about your headaches. Try and be really descriptive in explaining your pain to doctors - is the pain in one location? does it move? is it only one-side of your head? how long does it last? do you feel sick when your head hurts?

Another useful piece of advice I got from Headway was to take regular 10 mins of lying down in the dark to let my brain have some quiet time throughout the day. Try and have a rest before you do anything too intense.

Also, as hard as it seems some very gentle exercise is good for you - try going for a gentle short walk when your head hurts. And like others have said, drink lots of water, avoid caffeine and try to eat a, varied diet (but make sure you are also eating enough).

Hope you feel better soon - everyone recovers at a different rate, but we all know that at some point we will feel better!

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At 3months I felt like a wreck still. Dizziness, Drunken feeling, legs/hips/back/neck hurting all the time. Sharp pains that radiated to my big toe or little finger, joints that acted like I was arthritic. That was some of the physical. Emotionally all over the place.

You are not alone in pains. Actually, I was feeling so bad today that I got on BTG to pick myself up and I am 2.5yrs post. There are way more ups now and sometimes I can't even believe I had a pmSAH, but then there are days like today where I began to think funny and get all cranky about making a simple decision and had to rest even though I really didn't want to. Life.

I know we will feel better. We just have to, right?


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Hi Paul

Hang on in there Paul it does get better with longer periods between your debilitating experiences. I had a subarachnoid haemorrahage 3 years ago and like you all my tests showed no aneurysm. Only last night I experienced a very traumatic night - it started with what i felt was a severe pain at the base of my skull and was followed by extreme dizziness and nausea which was really quite worrying and like you I thought " am I having another bleed into the brain ".

Also like you I have made several trips to the doctors and two visits to casualty departments and on all these occasions after a barrage of tests I have been reassured I was not having another bleed. I have learnt that the best way to get through these episodes is to tell myself I,m ok - keep calm - and almost like meditate - concentrate on my breathing - slow everything down - tell myself to be gentle with my body.

I am much better today. I can only describe the experience as like someone washing your head from the inside. I used to get these types of experiences every month but now they are one every 6 months - still very unsettling when they occur - but getting longer between episodes.I hope this gives you some hope


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