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Neuropsychology Testing?


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When I saw my neurologist a few weeks ago, he gave me the all clear and confirmed that my bleed was resolving itself and there was nothing sinister responsible for it (he thinks it was most likely caused by a cavernoma). However, we discussed my headaches and tiredness, along with my return to work plans and he suggested I get referred to a neuropsychologist for testing. He said he felt I would ace the tests, but the results might give me some reassurance.


Since then, I've also started taking migraine medication for the headaches (on his advice) and my head has felt better. As a result I've also started to have more energy, and I have started doing very small amounts of work from home :)!


I've just had the appointment come through for the neuropsychologist but have been told it's 3 hours long and its going to be a bit of a trek for me to get there. Also, I've just been speaking to BUPA and have discovered there are a few hoops to jump through to get this appointment covered on my policy (I can't afford to pay for it myself and I've heard the wait on the NHS is a while).


I'm now in two minds whether to have the appointment or not - I know that my memory is fine and I'm pretty sure my only issues with concentration are a result of my tiredness (it's only when I'm tired that I struggle to concentrate). The fact my neurologist seemed to think I'd find the tests easy also makes me question how useful this appointment will be, especially as I have now started back at work and am increasing my hours slowly.


Has anyone every had neuropsychology testing done, and did you find it useful?

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Hi Chloe. I had the testing done , a few of us have, I think it is actually much more common in the US. I had it just last summer. 16 months or so after my SAH but to be honest I couldn't have managed the trip and test before then, even then I had to take MIL for support. Here's my thread on it


It was worth it, well it led to me attending a group for SAH survivors run by neurophysch team which I found very useful but I don't think I would have paid to attend it early on. Your memory is affected but only because we can't process and recall as quickly whilst we are healing and relearning. There's another thread on here about some of that I will see if I can find it.


So I would say wait a while rather than pay, just my point of view.

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Hi Chloe,

I had testing done for memory, personality, all sorts of stuff and came through with flying colors and I'm sure you will too. They are long tests though. Honestly, toward the end I just started guessing cause I got bored.

I am glad to hear you are doing better. It's a long hard haul but little by little we start to see little glimpse of ourselves again.

God bless,


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Thanks both :)

Daffs I've just read the thread you linked to. Was reassuring to see lots of you have had NPT, even if in some cases the results were not always what you had expected. It sounds like most of you have found it very useful, with it giving you all some tips on how to improve yourself etc :)

Iola, I hope that I pass the testing as well as you did! I don't really feel like my bleed has changed my ability to think or process. It's more the headaches which lead to tiredness which in turn makes it harder for me to concentrate when my head is pounding!

My neurologist has faxed all the information to BUPA, so fingers crossed they will authorise my NPT appointment soon!

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