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My Birthday and Two Days Later

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Hello all,

Well, today is my birthday, my real birthday and I am so happy to say, "Happy Birthday to me!" This time last year I had no clue that two days from now, April 9th, would change my life forever. I have found that celebrating another year of life is a privilege. I don't care I am another year older, I am just happy to be here.

It has taken a year for me to finally start feeling better. Am I 100%? No, of course not but I am a far cry from when this all began. Am I happy this happened to me? NO!! I am not but what I am eternally grateful for the love and kindness of my family and friends and the people on BTG that have become my shoulder to cry on and the folks that were the only ones to say, "you are gonna be okay." That has meant so much to me, especially during the lowest of the low times.

So, to my friends near and far, thank you, thank you, thank you. It is a pleasure and a privilege to know you and to learn your stories. They are amazing stories and have helped me to build on my "new" character and to know I am not the only one.

I pray for this group every day. God bless us all.


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Happy Birthday Iola :) and Happy 1st SAH Anni-versary for the 9th :) !

Enjoy your celebrations and God bless you xx

Iola, It is a pleasure and privilege to know you too and thank you for all your support and kindness to others on here :)

You make a difference lovely lady :biggrin:

Have a wonderful day xx

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A very happy birthday to you Iola:-D

That first year is definitely a tough one, but with all the ups and downs along the way and helping others on here too, you have come through shining and you should be proud of yourself.

Best wishes,


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A Song for "I"

All join in now !!

Happy Birthday and anni to you "I" Happy anni and birthday to you "I"

Happy anni Dear "I"

Happy Birthday to you xx and many more, <~ sung in harmony.

You have come on a bundle "I" really you have.

Good site this is xx


WinB143 xx

A bit late for birthday xxxx

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I hope you had a really special day Iola , you have done so well in the last twelve months and things will continue to change , improve and progress for you, for all of us I hope. Together we hold hands virtually and know that we are understood and listened to and with each day there is fresh skies and new hope and that's a good thing I think.

Onwards. Be happy.

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