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New here, unruptured aneurysm

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Hello all

I am a 26 year old female who because of a scheduled MRI was found to have a 13.5mm fusiform left vertebral artery aneurysm that is pressing on my brain stem. My only symptom is a tingly right hand and foot, which the neurologist isnt even sure its a real symptom. We have decided not too do surgery, as the risks outweigh the benefits. They say they havent seen many aneurysms so complicated before (yay) :frown: I worry that I am a ticking time bomb, and my family and fiance are obviously worried and upset, we are planning our wedding, so trying to think positive thoughts! its hard, and i feel like im grieving. i would love some words or stories from you guys!

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Hi Jennab

A very warm welcome to BTG :)

Bless you, what a huge shock and worry for you and your family.

You will find lots of support and information here.


For someone so young to carry that worry I cant imagine how hard it is for you, but you have the right positive attitude and should be very proud of how strong you are !


Enjoy making your wedding plans with your fiancé :) congratulations :) xx

Feel free to join in any of the discussions. It is a bit quiet at the moment because of Easter Holidays, but others will respond to you.


Take care & keep in touch xx

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Hi there welcome to btg.

So sorry you have to be here

What an amazing attitude you have about everything you are going through I know how frightened I was when I first found out about mine.

Have you thought about getting a second opinion you are young so you have youth on your side, my aneurysm was bleeding for a whole week before I got my operation, just a thought.

I hope your wedding goes well and anything at all you want to ask just ask I am sure someone will have some advice.

Anyway must get some sleep as it's 3.12am.


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Hi Jennab,

Plan your wedding and enjoy your day. All of us on here are survivors and have different, but positive tales to tell. We have the video and the tee shirt. Yes, it can be a problem but a second opinion would be good for you and then enjoy your life. Don't live life saying "What if...." just grab it with both hands and live each day as it comes! Every day is a privilege, every journey starts with a single step!


You are young and strong and if the worst does happen, we are living proof that recovery is possible, it just takes differing amounts of time! The human body is sometimes fragile but can also be incredibly resilient!


Life is a risk. If you cross the road you can get run over but you don't because you take care, if you drink you can become alcoholic, but you don't because you take care, if you smoke there's all kinds of risk, so you don't smoke or you reduce your consumption and take more care of yourself. Just because you have an un-ruptured aneurism doesn't necessarily mean it will rupture! Be more moderate in the things you know cause you discomfort.


Now don't forget that second opinion!

Go and enjoy your life and if you want to rant or discuss anything we are all here for you whenever you want us to be!


I wish you all the luck there is - and enjoy your big day

Best wishes


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Hi Jennab,

I never knew anything until I woke up after shunt op.

You will worry it is natural but try not to stress as stress does not do you any good.

Keep away from doom and gloomers you need to be happy and calm. (Win she has a wedding to plan lol !!)

Keep away from booze and cigs I was told.

Have a good Wedding and when worried come on here it has helped me a lot.

Good Luck to you Both

WinB143 x

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Hi there and welcome. You may feel right now that things have changed forever and in a way they have but you also have a gift of being able to look at life and see and do the things that are important to you. Get a second opinion without doubt, get some counselling to help you adjust to life changing news but then look up and look forward and live in the now . Taste and savour each moment more. You may have questions unanswered so write it down and go ask.


There are no guarantees for any of us , you have lived with this for all your life unknowingly like us . You will be monitored which is a plus!, maybe do few practical things might help you feel happier like getting a medical alert bracelet which would tell people what your condition is, educate those around you to spot signs of a bleed, raise funds for brain charity at your wedding , put your future plans on paper and start doing them. Sending you positive thoughts

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