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April - Newbie of 3 weeks

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Scariest moment of my life. Just left the dentist chair and going to the drugstore. Searing burning pain at the base of my skull. Stiff neck and then it moved over my head into my eyes. Everything was distorted and thinking this is the end. Drove myself back 1 block to the dentist where there is a doctor. He called the ambulance. Within 1 hour and 2 hospitals I was in ICU. CT scan #1 showed a bleed in the center of the brain less than 1cm. The ER Dr thought it was a aneurysm . Admitted and in a special 24 hour ICU ward.


The next day 1 more CT scan. The surgeon said it is a hemorrhage and no aneurysm. 5 days later I go home with a horrific headache and so dizzy. I cannot control the pain meds and I end up back at the hospital and another 2 ambulance rides to the city. Another CT scan and shows the bleed has stopped. Back to the other hospital admitted for 4 more days to control the meds. Now at home. 6 ambulance rides and 5 CT scans.


I am the healthiest person. Workout, eat right, try to think positive, love my life. Then whammo out of no where.

But I have a high stress level. So many things happened this year. Building a home in Mexico ( omg so much stress) dog got Addison's disease and almost died. Hubby went back to Mexico for a month and I was home alone. Got a terrible flu and depressed. Plus I run like an idiot everyday doing things...OK I HEAR YOU!


Now I am so dizzy and get so tired. Headaches seem to have left except at night I wake up and feel it. An ice pack, darkness and quiet. I cannot drive yet as I have my 1 month checkup in 10 days. Please tell me this gets better!!!

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Hi April,


A very warm welcome to BTG :)

Indeed a very scary time bless you. It does get better, it's very early days for you... It may take some time and everyone is different with their recovery. 


Listen to your body, rest up lots and drink plenty of water.

If you don't your body will make you ;)


Good luck with your 1 month check up, let us know how you get on.

Take  care xx

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Hi April,


As others said, It does get better honestly,  take your time and think happy thoughts.

All will get better but not overnight, sing happy songs and be of good cheer when possible.


Best Wishes


WinB143 xx 

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Wow - April, slow down!  Answers will come tomorrow, not yesterday!  Your body has experienced a big trauma and it takes time to get well.. It will get better, but slowly and at its own pace.  Take stock of your life and cut out the rubbish so that you are only left with the really necessary stuff (like getting better -your health should be top of the list and it should stay there!).


Let others deal with some things, re-adjust and take the stress out of your day to day activities.  There will be some frustrations along the way but that's normal.  I hope you have someone you can talk to, because sometimes you will need to offload - if you can't, then that's why we are here -feel free to open up -no-one will judge you, but you will be uplifted by the warmth and support you get on this site.


Try to take some of the mental angst out of things - tomorrow will come and so will the next day.  If the Mexicans are like the Spanish (same lingo I think) - in relation to work they say "Manana, manana" [i think that's how you spell it).

Good luck - and I hope your dog is well now also!  Welcome to BTG, by the way!



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Hi April,

I had a bleed that was non aneurysmal as well. I am healthy, fit, and could not believe it when it all happened. I have learned a bleed is a bleed regardless of how it happened and the brain is hurt and needs time to heal. Be careful not to push to quickly.

It will get better but there are days that will force you to rest. It is hit-or-miss some times. I am at 16 months post bleed and it's been a long haul. Give yourself time and patience. Of course, I am the worst at giving that advice because patience is a quality I am still learning. :)


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That's the frustrating part of this kind of SAH.  We had no risk factors...we still don't and yet it happened.  It shakes your world to the core because what you thought you knew about your health was TOTALLY upside-down.  A fluke.  Bad luck.  Why did it happen?...no answers are forthcoming.  We live with this...the questions.  Our lives change and we become different people.  Good or bad?  Who's to say.


All I know is when you're down, read posts and weigh in on this site.  It really helps as you may never meet another pSAH survivor in person.  But we're all here for each other on this site.



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