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It's great to have found BTG - by Janey from Wales


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Hi there everyone, I found BTG just over a week ago so just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Janey & I live near Cardiff in Wales and had my SAH on 10th February 2015,exactly 7 weeks ago today (am I counting!), whilst on holiday in Italy. I underwent craniotomy and had the burst aneurysm clipped - they also discovered that I had another aneurysm on the other side of my brain. Won't bore you too much with the details here as I wrote an account of what happened to me in the  'Your Story' section of this site, under the title 'A Holiday I'll Never Forget'.


Just want to say hello and how impressed I am with this site and the huge emotional and practical support everyone gives - I hope to be able to contribute to this. I've already learnt far more about SAH on here than I've been told by the hospital(s) (I didn't really understand what they were telling me in Italy). I find it really amazing that, given the seriousness of the condition, the majority of us seem to be discharged from hospital with very little information about what to expect.

I was afraid to sneeze for the first couple of weeks as I thought the force of it would bring the clip shooting out of my nose! Thankfully I've been referred to a consultant in Cardiff and although I haven't seen him yet I have had an appointment with the specialist nurse at the unit who gave me lots of leaflets  - and told me it was ok to sneeze! I can also ring her any time if I have a query, which is reassuring.


Anyway it's great to have found you all and I look forward to lots of chats in the future.

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Hi Janey,


We are the lucky ones, when I was told about my bleed I lay in bed and recited all my families names

and told myself what is hubs on about I have a good memory.


But short term memory got me,  like I said whatshername a lot as I forgot lol.

It comes back slowly, some days are better than others.


I wish you well Janey and no stress xx

Sing and be happy if possible


Good luck

Winb143  xx

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Hi and welcome to btg janey. It's great on here because there is always someone to offer advice or a shoulder and chances are we've all felt like you do at some stage.

I remember being afraid to sleep once I came out of hospital and that lasted quite a long time. The lackof info is frightening and I honestly thought I was going mad when I wasn't better in 3 months! Slow and steady that's the way x

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I actually started laughing when you mentioned sneezing. The reason it is so funny to me is because when I had my non aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage I was working from home on my laptop and felt like I was going to sneeze and got up to blow my nose- when I did my brain exploded!! I got very dizzy- couldn't stand up- felt like I was going to pass out- then started throwing up violently!! I knew I was in very bad shape and this was not normal.


I didn't have a smartphone back then and I thank God I didn't, I never would have been able to figure out how to make a phone call. I had my husband on speed dial and only had to (flip) open my phone and press 1 and my wonderful hubby answered right away.


There were several things that happened that morning that would have made a difference of life and death.

 Bob was able to get me to our local hospital and an awesome doctor over heard Bob telling the receptionist what happened and he ordered a CT scan immediately. I was sent to ICU for 2 weeks then a short stint at a rehab center. I had just turned 49. This was in Jan. 2013 and I have no memory of Dec. 2012-March 2013. 
I've lost my ability to do many things I used to be able to do. I'm sure my age is not in my favor.


I do pray for all of us with a brain injury. We have a tough road ahead of us. Some of us are lucky to have a good support system, me included. Unlike you- I never thought to look for any kind of help- I wish I had. I didn't find this wonderful group until I was well into my first year.
I wish you the very best!!

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Hi Janey

Welcome to BTG you have come to the right place for support

I only came here last month and it has been a great help.

I wish you luck on your recovery journey

Give yourself plenty of time, it`s still early days for you yet

I wish you the very best.x

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Hi Janey and welcome to the family of sahers!  I've just read your story and yes certainly a holiday not to be forgotten in a hurry!   I remember when I had mine at home in an attic bedroom, I wondered how on earth I would get down two flights of stairs never mind getting down a mountainside in the snow!  


It sounds like you are doing really well and I'm sure the support from this group will help as you go along the road of recovery.


Like you a second aneurysm was discovered when I had my sah 6 and half years ago. It was also mentioned to me that it was probably congenital, but I've no idea how they know.  I had my second one monitored annually for three years then a three year gap and am due to have an MRI later this year to check it again.  


Best wishes,


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