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Head aches coming from operation post sah

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Hello I just want to ask if anyone have the same situation as mine...I had sah nearly three years ago, my aneurysm has been coiled and clipped. I do experience on and off head aches from my head operation since I had my sah and usually it lasts for two days but this month I have been experiencing head aches, tightness, pressure and heaviness in my operation (right side of my head) for more than two weeks now and I also feel dizzy.

I went to hospital the other day and my ct scan and blood tests were fine. I do take pain killers, and the pain/pressure/heaviness goes away for a while but comes back again. I don't know if this is part of healing of my operation or worsening...please share any ideas, experiences. Thank you.

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Hi Emssy77,


Welcome to BTG.  I suffered headaches for quite a while post SAH. If your scan is clear then that is a positive sign but always check with your doctors for any other underlying causes.


Is this your body telling you that you are overdoing it a bit and it's time to take your foot off the gas?  Often you can feel well and then wretched afterwards as you are lulled into a false sense of security and tend to overdo things.


If you have had these feelings constantly then it would suggest that maybe there is an underlying cause but the only way to check that out is to go back to your doctors and ask them to investigate - and in the meantime take it easy!


Good luck and let us know how you get on!


Best wishes 



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Hi emssy, like you I had my SAh just over three years ago. Sorry to hear you haven't been great. Like Macca says it may be an accumulation of having done too much but I also find even now when I have felt dreadful for a few weeks, and I still can, that it is followed by a improvement, maybe not as leaping as the early days but nonetheless something I notice is easier or better than before so maybe that's what's happening with you.

One thing I would say is there are some awful 'headache' bugs going around. My sister and father in law , both of whom has not had an SAH, has been laid low for a week now with dizziness and head pain and our GP told my sister there are a lot of viruses doing the rounds, so it could be totally non related to the scarring and SAh and just a nasty germ. But keep an eye on it, if if changes in sensation, gets worse or doesn't lift off then please please don't hesitate to go back and checked out again, they won't mind and will understand considering the history.

It is worrying you so try to relax a bit more if you can, some gentle walks, quiet time and hopefully you'll feel much better soon. Let us know.

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Hi Ems,


I agree with Macca, and if you have to go back to Docs let him know you are still getting bad heads as it is then recorded.


We have been through a scary time, but if worried see someone do not suffer.


If worried go and see Doc.  and welcome to BTG xx


Winb143 xx My neck aches if I am out for too long.

Or I could just be a pain in the neck xx

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Hi Emssy-Happy to meet you only wish under other circumstances.  I agree with all the above - especially the part about Win being a pain in the neck (kidding Win!)  My doc told me that I would probably have off and on severe headaches for 1 - 2 years (my sah June 3, 2014) but might last longer off and on for years.  The main thing I notice at this stage is that, if I overdo it, I get a headache almost immediately and become exhausted.  


From what I've heard and read this seems like a fairly common condition.  I would, for sure, take it easy during this flareup or whatever it is.  Also I pressure the docs when I have symptoms that make me nervous or scare me.  If this keeps on it might be good to keep checking.  You're your own best advocate.  Also it would be great to keep coming here and getting support through this.  

Please take care and I hope you feel much better soon.

Carolyn usa


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I know with me the changes in weather systems really make my head hurt and hurt for days. This past winter was wet and snowy where I am and I went through two months of torture. Nothing helped and I had to go to work with that headache. Stress and lack of sleep play a big role as well.

I couldn't wait for my two year MRI. I was so tired I almost fell asleep in the machine! All was clear and I am so blessed but at the same time you wonder what the heck! Will my head ever stop hurting? It goes in cycles for me. I am glad summer is coming and I pray for warm sunny days.


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When it is overcast/thundery the pressure can sometimes get to you as it does Daffs and myself.


I am never without sunglasses (could be to hide the bags under eyes) but seriously I find sunglasses do help me.


Bright lights also hurt me, but you will get better as the years pass.


I look back to 2010 couldn't walk, shower, I was really poorly but now I am getting better every day.


Things will get better sing and smile is my answer to all ills xxx


Good luck


Winb143 xxx

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Hi Emssy77, Welcome, I am a fellow newbie too. I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing these headaches and it must be really worrying. I just wondered if there was any chance you could talk directly to your neurosurgeon to get some peace of mind? I know its not always easy and I agree that you should keep going back to the doctors if not. Do not feel embarrassed about it. When you've had such an awful experience it scars you for life and you need to talk about your worries.


I had an SAH 9 months ago and had my aneurysm coiled. I do not suffer from headaches luckily but I do get a very heavy head feeling quite often which I always worry about, I think its natural to. Thinking about it I have had that feeling for the last two days so maybe the change in weather could have something to do with it?


I just wanted to ask a bit more about your experience with having your aneurysm coiled and clipped as I was told last week that I have a small regrowth in the neck of my aneurysm and now have to also have mine clipped in July. Were you given the choice of further coiling or advised to have it clipped? I am very scared about the operation and its risks. When I had my coiling It happened so quickly so I had no time to worry about it really. Can I ask what your recovery was like?


I really hope you get some answers to your headaches soon or they just blooming stop altogether!


Lots of love Carlyx

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I know you wrote to Ems but I have to butt in, that's my trouble lol


I have seen quite a few say about neck/ anni, and some have had it done and some have eye kept on it.


I just wanted to wish you well on op again and it is natural to feel scared.  I've said this before but talk about it like you are with Ems.  Until I butted in xx


Don't like the scared feeling it's horrid but natural, you'll be okay though xxxx


Wishing you good luck for July xxxx




Win xxxxx

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