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Treatment times for SAH

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Hi All


I lost my Mother very suddenly due to complication following a SAH back in January. The is immense and I cant begin to describe how I feel but I'm guessing some of you will know.


I have some questions and am interested in your opinions and experiences with treatments and actions.


As some hospitals don't have neuro specialist units, some SAH patients have to be transferred but I am wondering how quickly this should be done?


I know that some bleeds can mean that complications such as hydrocephalus can occur quite quickly there for treatment of this such as a drain (EVD) should be implanted to relieve ICP (Inter cranial pressure) but what happens if a patient is in a hospital where that cannot be done? How quickly should a patient be transferred as I'm sure that every minute counts.


I have heard of some patients who weren't transferred for a number of hours!? But why would that happen? How long does it take to stabalise a patient in ICU before that can be transferred?


If you have any knowledge or experience on the above then I would love to hear it.




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I'm so sorry and saddened to hear of your loss and my heart goes out to you, but nobody on this website is qualified to answer your questions.


Most general hospitals won't have a Neuro specialist ward and therefore you will be transferred to another hospital with specialist neuro facilities, probably when you're deemed stable enough to be transferred.


Nothing is ever cut and dry with a brain injury .... the medics will weigh everything up before they make a decision and there can be many reasons "why" they do or don't and each patient case is very different.


I can only say, that you need to contact the hospital where your Mum was treated and ask the questions that you're asking us.



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I cannot advise as I had an SAH but remember nothing at all. 


All I remember is being with my Parents.   A dream maybe xx As they have passed on


You are grieving which is natural so I wish you well and go to the Hospital your Mum was in,  write a list of questions you want answered. 


They will help hopefully xx


Good Luck J xx



Winb xx

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I am so sorry for your loss, I don't know what answers you are hoping to find but here is my experience.


My NASAH was 9 Feb this year. I was taken to A&E at my local hospital  around 8pm. Was scanned fairly quickly and diagnosed with SAH. I was told they needed to transfer me to Wessex Neuro in Southampton but there were no beds. However the doctor on duty told my husband we would be on our way by 10 pm. I was then moved as major trauma was needed for an RTA that was coming in. At 4.30 am the following morning my husband started to ask why I had not yet been transferred.


Things then happened very quickly and I was in Southampton by about 6 am. When I got there I was in a coma and had worsening hydrocephalus, was operated on within an hour. I had an EVD inserted and received excellent care at Wessex where I stayed for 2 weeks. I have recovered well and now suffer only from poor memory and fatigue. 


I hope you find the answers you are looking for and wish you well



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