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S Baker - Caregiver to SAH survivor


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Keep Bright when possible as we cannot manage without our carers SB xx


Glad you had a pity party as it gets it out of system, I could have come and sang to you then you would have sobbed.


I wish you both well and keep a smile at hand xx hands SB a smile in case xx




Win xx xx

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Hi all ,

So home and all good . Think hubby feels better knowing he's not having another SAH ...me too

His neuro wants him to start a low dose statin ...understand why but. Can't do Lipitor because he was on it for a few years and had all the super nasty side effects , so called in zocor .....

Well ! Me being me I then researched the contraindications .........HOLY ...... New warnings August 1. Should not take if ...brain bleed ....

Called cardio and neuro re this and both said ohhhh my ....oh yes ...ummmmmmmm ok Crestor low dose ok ???

Can someone please put me out of my nightmare

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This happened to my Mum when she came out of hospital.

We contacted them and they did find one that was ok with her condition and other medications she was taking etc.

As Super Mario has said, ask the medics and get peace of mind.

Take care xx

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Good Morning SB


I`m just stating the obvious-  I find it hard to believe that such professional medics can cause any uncertainty about the drugs they prescribe following the serious life-threatening cases they deal with on a regular basis. Matching patient-condition-appropriate drugs seems to be the foundation of understanding each case-


It surely must be second nature for all these things to be considered together.


Hope your concerns are resolved quickly


Send my best wishes to Kelley



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