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Hello to Life after an Aneuerysm - Karl


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Hello Everybody,


My name is Karl, and exactly 1 month ago yesterday i had the worst headache of my life. Fortunately for me i have survived with no debilitating factors. I am not struggling with my health in any way and am recovering very well.


The only area i am struggling with is the red tape and bureaucracy of doctors, DVLA, and benefits . I am self employed and as such not having a driving license is a very major setback.


I have no idea of how to best proceed with this one and any help would be greatly appreciated.


I now live each day with a newly found joy and appreciation.


Peace and Love


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Hi Karl

Welcome to BTG :)

Great news you are recovering well and not struggling with your health in any way.

I think we can all relate to your living each day with a newly found joy and appreciation ,It's good to be alive :)

I had to have my eye sight assessed and then the Consultant had to write to the DVLA.

This took ages and I had to chase it up so many times. Once the DVLA had received the letter it took ages again.....have you told them you need it for work?

It is very frustrating, a few members here have found this. There are lots of posts on the Forum if you search for DVLA, Benefits etc. Below are some links that may help you.





Hoping you hear soon and you can get your driving license back.

Good luck.

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Hi Karl


warm welcome, glad you found us.

Great to hear you've come out unscathed.


Sorry cant help on the DVLA I don't drive - never have done. 

But can totally sympathise with the red tape and bureaucracy re: benefit & its all changed too now but you just have to keep on at them and also try CAB (citizen advice or welfare rights) only had dealings with CAB and they were very supportive.


Take care

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Hi Karl,


I am pleased to hear you are well in yourself but still take it slow, or slower.


I knew Tina or SM would be able to help but if you ever need to chat or are worried about anything just come on here.


This site has really helped me and my Daughter  who was so scared when I became ill.


Good luck and no stress !!



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Hi Karl


Glad to hear you are recovering well. I take it you did not have an EVD or any other invasive procedure. DVLA are very quick to take your license away but notoriously slow to reinstate it. My 'ban' was for 6 months as I has an EVD, I reapplied after 3 months on the hospitals advice, DVLA wrote to me sometime ago saying they were writing to my consultant and would get back to me asap but advised it may be some time.

By mine and the hospitals reckoning I should have got my licence back on 17th August..... I am still waiting. Luckily I am not too bothered as I am managing without my car but I feel for you, needing it for your business. If I were you I would just keep on at them and maybe check with the hospital that the hold up is not at their end.

Consultants are often slow dealing with these matters as they are dealing with saving peoples lives - shouldn't complain should we really??

Good luck, keep us posted on your progress.


Clare xx

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Welcome to BTG, I had SAH in January and had aneurysm coiled, I sent in form given to me at hospital to inform DVLA who sent me letter to say they would contact the consultant But it would take up to 6 weeks before they could respond. I then got letter to say they had got info back from consultant and that they would be making their assessment but due to delays this could take some time.

After a few weeks I rang them and spoke to someone who told me I could drive as long as a doctor declared me fit to drive but that if the assessment carried out by DVLA felt I was not fit they could then ask me to surrender my licence. My GP agreed I was fit to drive, so I spoke to my insurance company who were happy for me to drive given I had a doctors clearance.

I received letter from DVLA about three weeks later who said they were happy for me to continue driving. The GP was helpful and did explain that some treatments can bar you from driving for 6 months But luckily I did not fall into this, maybe worth having a chat with your GP.



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Hi Karl,


Driving was a big concern of mine also.  When I was ready which was about 5 months post SAH my GP referred me to a local driving school to be evaluated.  I attended and so glad I did, my " instructor " spent about 4 hours with me.  Giving me a written test a tour on there driving course then into live traffic.  It helped to restore my confidence more than anything else.  Would highly recommend it.


Bill C

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