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UCLA videos on Aneurysm Treatment plus Q&A

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Hi there


Hopefully this will be of use to someone...I've been watching 2 videos by Neil Martin at UCLA on aneurysm treatment. The videos cover treating unruptured aneurysm but it's a good overview of the processes and interesting to understand a bit more the risk vs benefit assessments for coiling and clipping treatment. In the first video (Unruptured Aneurysms: When and How to Treat) he does a good Q&A on living with aneurysms (I think it's about 25mins 30secs in).



The second video (Latest Treatments in Brain Aneuryms) is more recent and the first 25mins covers a lot of the same material but then he explains stent assisted coiling which wasn't covered in the first video. At 29mins in he starts the Q&A - different questions to last time (I think he covers yoga, pregnancy, exercise, flying etc) . The last section of the video he gives a great view of recovering from an SAH. Very positive on how amazing the brain is at recovering and to never give up and that improvements can be seen years after the SAH.



I know for us who have had a SAH, the risk parameters in the video will be different and I'm not sure if there is a different emphasis in the UK to do coiling over clipping (clipping was never suggested to me as an option but from many things I've read it may be been the preferred option in the US as I am relatively young....not sure!).


Hopefully you'll find this interesting. I have a second very small aneurysm (though my first one that ruptured was equally small...) and I find these videos really help my understanding of the decisions potentially ahead of me.







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Hi Andrea,


I was out for approx. 1 year  I was talking but remember nothing about it and slept  a lot, until the shunt was put in.


So this was very interesting for me,  one thing that made me laugh was when he was talking to the computer ha ha.


I had an SAH and it was dodgy for a while what with Ventriulitis and Sepsis, so I always try to remain positive.


Many Thanks for this xx



Winb143 xx

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