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headaches after SAH

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Hi. I had my SAH in June 2014. A thunder clap headache caused by a coughing fit. My bleed dissipated over the next few months. No cause was found but I still get headaches caused by the usual symptoms. However. I have now a really bad cough and am frightened it is going to happen again.I try not to cough but that is easier said than done.


Does anyone else get headaches caused by coughing?

Many thanks. BJH

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Good luck Barbara, and try some lockets with honey xx (cough sweets)


Hope you feel better soon, after mine I was even frightened of constipation (sorry but true) and coughing and I once had a bloodshot eye and that was it  I thought I had another bleed.  It is scary but best to get them checked. 


I felt like I wasted the Docs time but it was good for me as after a bleed we do worry about things like this as this wasn't what we had planned for lol  At Least it put my mind at ease and saved me stressing as stress is bad as my surgeon told me xx


Be Well


Winb143  xx

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Hi Barbara, I recently had a bout of sneezing and suffered a really bad headache,

when it didn't go away with pain killers, I went to doctors and got it checked out.

It was fine, she told me that the stress of worrying about the headache was probably

making it worse,


Maybe that`s what you should do, I know it`s hard to not worry especially when

your bleed happened after a coughing fit, like Jess said we all get head pain when

we cough, please go and see someone and put your mind at rest.


I had my bleed in June 2014 too.


Hope you soon feel better


Michelle x

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Hi Barbara. I can certainly understand your concern, we all worry after the SAH. Surely it was a certain set of conditions that occurred with the coughing fit, so that now a cough should just be that.. But as others have said, see your dr and put your mind at rest if nothing else maybe you'll get an effective cough suppressant. Feel better.

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