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Hello and thank you - Richard


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Hello everyone.


I wanted to introduce myself and thank everyone who has posted on this website as I've found it very helpful, reassuring and supportive reading other people's posts.

i had a perimesencophalic sub-arachnoid hamorrhage in the beginning of December 2015. 


I was sat watching television in the evening (man in the high castle, it was obviously too dramatic for me) and felt like a hand grenade went off in my head, I got a stiff neck and started feeling sick. I knew straight away what was happening and woke my wife to phone an ambulance.


Whilst not a neurosurgeon, I am a surgeon and told the paramedic what I thought was happening, and was rushed into hospital where a scan confirmed my bleed. Seeing the scan picture on the screen my world crumbled. Would I be able to work again? Would I survive? Would I see my children grow?


I underwent ct Anglo and catheter angio and no cause could be found. I've had follow up tests since and again all clear.

i was out of hospital after a week but still felt pretty grim but I feel very lucky that I am ok. I get headaches most days especially when I am tired but they are manageable and improving.


To start with the fear and sense of unfairness were the most difficult things to manage. I have never smoked, have always been active and look after myself, and felt it was unfair it had happened to me (which I imagine everyone feels, but in truth it is unfair that ill health strikes anyone) with the support of my family and friends I have got over that aspect.


Two other things have also had a huge positive impact. This website and returning to work and treating my patients, with a much bigger insight into how it is from the other side of the desk/bed/knife.


I hope that my headaches continue to improve and that I will return to how I was PB (pre-bleed) but what ever happens I know my life will never be the same again, as I don't take a single day, experience or encounter for granted.


Thank you all!

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Hi RIchard, 

Welcome to BTG. As you have discovered, it has a lot of valuable information on here - something that you wouldn't get elsewhere and the support by other fellow sahers is outstanding!


I hope you continue to improve and life gets to near normal as possible for you.


I have every respect for surgeons and the fantastic work they do, what with having had 2 coiling procedures myself and my hubby having a new aorta and valve in last year - I'm glad you have been able to return to your work to help others.


I wish you all the best,





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Hi Richard :)


A very warm welcome to BTG. Glad you found us and the website has helped you with all the valuble information. BTG and the support from other members has been a Godsend to me.


I had a ruptured berry aneurysm, brain stem, 7 hours craniotomy and like Sarah have huge respect for surgeons. Saved my life twice.


The headaches lasted a long time for me but they did improve over time. As Jess has said drink plenty of water and rest up as much as you can. Your job is a very full on brain taxing job, so you will find your brain tells you to slow down  ;) be kind to yourself.


Wishing you well with your on going recovery, hope the headaches improve and life gets back to near normal very soon for you.  It is also such a  worrying time for your loved ones, they must be very proud of how well you have done getting back to work to help others. 


Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.

Take care


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Hello Richard and a warm welcome to BTG


Thanks for your positive comments as to how the site has helped you in your understanding of life post SAH.


Well done for getting back to work, and I am sure that already you will be facing the conflicts between getting your busy work schedule done and coping with the after effects of SAH.  (SAH will not hesitate to remind you if you are pushing it too fast ...please don`t fight against the warning signals too often....it will pay dividends later)


You mention that you have found reading the comments of other members very helpful and I wish you well as you face the future with your work colleagues and also your family and friends.


Please keep in touch when you can and share your progress.








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Hi Richard,


Welcome to BTG.  You are a rare one indeed - a surgeon with a real understanding now of what happens to SAH sufferers.  Real experience is so unbelievably valuable for you in your profession.I hope you make a real contribution to your colleagues understanding.


That said, SAH is no respecter of class or profession and I hope you are making real progress in your recovery both for yourself and for your family.


I, too, was fairly fit before this happened to me.  On leaving school I played football professionally and then semi professionally until I was knocking on a bit and then carried on some more after that.  I was playing football the night before my SAH at the age of 54.


I had a high powered job, very stressful, much travelling involved.  I never smoked either.  I never thought 'why me?', I always thought 'This is me now I've just got to get up and get on with it,' little realising how difficult it would be.


Fatigue is common, searching for answers is too!


Welcome to the group, I hope you find what you are looking for.  I hope your enhanced position (compared to ours) as a surgeon gives you valuable insight that helps you, your patients and dare I say us from time to time on this group if you can find the time and the inclination.


I hope too that the views of people on this site can improve your knowledge too, not of the clinical realities but of the emotional impacts and social impacts on patients and their families.


A very warm welcome to you - don't go too fast too soon!  Recover well and go at your own pace.


Please stay in touch with us.



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Hi Richard


Warm welcome to the site, glad that you found us.


Wow! getting back to work well done you..


Glad you found the useful and like Macca your position gives valuable insight, although I'm told docs make the worst patients I'm sure your not like that though.


Rest when the body needs it, keep hydrated and enjoy life.


take care

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Hello Richard,


I will not tell you what to do, well maybe a few things !!

I was told by my Surgeon " no Stress" and life can be stressful so you need to be positive and strong, headaches will get better with time.

Singing and thinking of happy times seems to help me, doesn't do much for my family though. 


Keep positive pals near at hand and do not listen to sad stories, hard in your job though !!


All what the others have said, ie water, calm and what I put xx lol and keep a smile close at hand it helps when healing.  Headaches go with time xx

WinB143  This site is a life saver xx

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Richard. So glad you are feeling postive , well physically and that life is veering more towards your 'normal ' post bleed and that the site and all those who share your experience on here has helped you feel more comfortable with what's happened. 


i can only imagine the same steady hand and nerve that made you a successful surgeon has probably also helped you to face down some of the fears that come post bleed and that's a good strength to draw on, it's one many of us have had to develop and strengthen. 


I am really glad having that new depth of understanding from your experience will only help you to explore a new style of working maybe, be an even better surgeon, offering a different way maybe to how you connected before.


But be kind to yourself Richard as you continue to heal, be your own advocate of what you need to heal without hurting as your brain will thank you if you tread as lightly as you can in these early days with it , build it all back up slow and steady and then the regains are there. Some may end up different but that's ok too. 


Pop your head in from time to time, it's good to talk. 

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Warm welcome Richard and pleased to hear you are making excellent progress, whilst my bleed was caused by an aneurysm it is still a shock to the system and that why me question definitely entered my head.  Excellent you have returned so quickly to a very valued profession.


 I had headaches for six months, still get them but just when under severe stress, I work in a stressful environment so quite used to high levels of stress but found it very difficult when I first went back to work as confidence had been knocked.


I think it is wonderful that your experience has given you a patient perspective but you also need to ensure you apply that care to yourself after such an event.  I hope you continue to make excellent progress and continue your work with a greater insight.




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I had the same type bleed 3 years ago and it's been a tough up hill climb.   I still have headaches but most of the time I just feel heavy headed and light headed.  I work full time in a fast pace stressful environment and there are days when it gets to be more than my brain can deal with.


Sensory overload makes me feel dizzy, confused, slow, and frustrated.  My brain fast forwards to slow motion and the processing centers in my brain short circuit and I cannot focus properly.  I feel it coming and know it's time to back away but it's difficult.


As much as we try we are never the same again.  Good, bad, or indifferent.  But, we are here and the real challenge is pressing forward.  Every year on my anniversary of the bleed I give myself another year to feel better.  Gives me something to look forward to.  


I do hope your headaches settle down.  





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Hi Richard,

Welcome to BTG, I am sorry that you`ve had SAH with no reason found, I had ruptured Aneurysm 2 years ago, this site has been my saviour.

You have done really well to be back to working as a surgeon so quickly, well done.


As the others have said, try to be kind to yourself, it`s still early days for you in your recovery,


I like Sarah have a great respect for you surgeons and the job you do, I had 2 Aneurysms coiled and my partner had open heart surgery last year,

so I also am glad that you have been able to return to work, helping people.


If I was to give you any advice it would be this, make sure you drink plenty of water, make sure you rest when you need to, listen to your body as that

will let you know when you`ve over done things,


I wish you well on your recovery journey,

Keep us posted on how you are doing,

Best Wishes

Michelle x


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I had mine in October of 2015 and I still have headaches, but they are usually more like a brain freeze for a little while than a real headache.  I am having fewer of them lately so I hope that means that yours will improve as well.  Good luck with your recovery.




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