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SAH followed by later heart issues?

After your SAH have you gone on to develop any heart related issues?  

15 members have voted

  1. 1. I get pain in my jaw when walking and strange chest pains although it has been 5 years after my SAH. I'm interested to know how many SAH survivors have gone on to develop heart issues of some kind?

    • Yes - I've been diagnosed with heart related issues post SAH
    • Yes - I was diagnosed with heart related issues around the same time as my SAH happened
    • No - I'm fine and not having any symptoms
    • No - I already had heart related issues PRIOR to having my SAH
    • Possibly - I have some unexplained issues and doctors are currently (or will soon be) checking into this
    • Unsure - I have some unexplained issues but doctors so far can find nothing wrong with me

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There seems to be some links with SAH and heart issues - so my poll is just to see how many of us later go on to develop heart related issues.

I had my SAH 5 years ago with complications of hydrocephalus and I'm currently being checked out for heart issues - the symptoms of which I only really started to notice a year or two after my SAH


Thank you for taking part in my survey! :-)

Snootybutnice x


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While suffering the NASAH, my heart rate dropped to around 26 bpm several times (while I was in ICU).  But the cardiologist said it was not heart-related, just the brain not sending the right signals.  My EKG then and another since both show IRBBB (incomplete right bundle branch block).  As I understand it, the right side of my heart no longer receives the electrical signal from the brain to beat, and instead beats as the electrical signal from the left side of my heart "bleeds" over.  So it is slightly delayed.


However, I do run, and this could just be "athlete's heart", where the right side is larger from running, and is getting the signal from the brain, but due to to size, it shows as delayed on the EKG.  So I answered unsure, as I don't know if the IRBBB is NASAH related or not.

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