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Anti- seizure medication-???-UK

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Hi Maya


Hope all goes well for you tomorrow, try not to worry too much.  Is this a MRI with contrast? If so although you have to keep still, you can raise you hand to ask them to stop if you feel you are going to cough. Keep us posted on the results, and don't forget all your BTG friends are here to support you.

Sounds like you have a lovely family, try and enjoy them and Christmas even though you are having a worrying time.


Clare xx

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Maya, thinking of you today and hope all goes well.

As Clare has said above, we are always here for you xx


Suzie,  I think is a very good thing you are  de-stimulating your life a little and trying to leave a few blank spaces in your diary. Hope the sleeping improves. I still have problems now, 9 years on.

Hope your Mum is on the mend too ? xx


Take care

Tina xx


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