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4 year anniversary


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Four years on 19th December and when the date comes round each year I still feel that cold stab of fear thinking of it. I know I am lucky to be here but I still mourn the old me and what I lost. On the positive side I don't take for granted the important things such as the love and friendship of my family....thank you all for your love, strength and support. Hopefully one day my anniversary will pass without my giving it more than a passing thought.

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I used to be all doom and gloom until I came on here and I had mine in 2009 but shunt woke me up in 2010  !!


All the people on here were happy and laughing and then I realised, there is a life after an SAH xx


I agree with Casey Helen let's get as many as we can behind us and always have a smile at the ready, as I read somewhere when you smile sadness cannot push it's way in.  Now I look a fool but feel Great.   Happy Anni'versary past and yet to come xx


No Stress xxxx



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Hello Helen. Thanks for posting about your four year milestone post SAH. Well done.

As you say, your life is not quite the same, but you are moving on.


Glad to hear that you have felt your family have been there to support you in your recovery, including your friends on BTG.:)



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Thanks to all for your replies, a few words of encouragement from people who understand makes all the difference. I only wish I had known of this forum in the early days, it would have saved me from the months of anguish and isolation I felt. Now another anniversary has come and gone I can relax go back to smiling and looking forward to what's  ahead. 

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Many congratulations on reaching four years, I'm only two in front.  I'll race you to ten!


Looking at it another way, you say you mourn the old you that you lost - but hey! celebrate the new you that you found!  And you found us, and you're still here, so it can't all be bad, can it?


Have a fabulous day - onwards and upwards!  Well done for getting this far!


Best wishes,



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Congrats on the four year Anni-versary, Helen! The fear does subside with time, but like Sami, I am not letting mine get by without some recognition as a reminder and celebration that I survived. I believe we owe ourselves that!


I'm not exactly the same either. I still get frustrated with memory issues and anxiety, but in other ways I think I've grown. Gradually you learn just how well you've compensated for your injury and how amazing that is.


keep your chin up and may you have many more anniversaries!



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