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I vomited daily for months after my SAH, then for weeks after I had my AVM radiated, and am now vomiting daily after having surgery to deal with a fourth ventricle that had stopped draining. I'm sick of it lol and wondered what insight and wisdom other fellow sufferers can provide. My husband is convinced it's because of damage to and pressure on the cochlear-vestibular nerve in the original incident, so happy to hear others' views... 

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Hi Cassandra, good to hear from you and hope you are doing ok after your recent surgery.


I agree with Paul, I wouldn't just leave it without question and would get it checked as vomiting should always be questioned.


One thought, before you had the surgery recently to unblock the ventricle were you being sick then or had it stopped? The reason I ask is that before I had my shunt placed I become used to operating at a high pressure of CSF and when the pressure was more normalised  it echoed  the effects of low pressure which for me is always vomiting. 


I had a time before having my shunt placed when I was building very high pressure and so when I had multiple LPs to drain off excess fluid and then latterly had the shunt placed I was being sick all the time and had to lie flat a lot. I also had to have my shunt setting raised as I couldn't adjust to such a low setting. 


One tip at the hospital I was given when I felt this awful was to drink some full caffeine coke. Now I, not suggesting that you max out  on caffeine but if it is sudden when it comes on then maybe just try that and seeing if it helps, I now keep cans in the fridge and even if it's just a placebo effect I'll take that .



Good luck, do go get it checked out and let us know how you get on. . Hope summer is australia isn't being too warm . Humidity can really affect me also so that's worth bearing in mind too and mayb noting if any change of any weather has an effect. 


Ps My vomiting stopped a few months after shunt surgery. 

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Hi everyone


Sorry about the long silence, but I had to return to hospital because the nausea, dizziness etc got worse.


The specialist finally agreed that the shunt was not working properly and I had another surgical procedure to basically replace the catheter in the shunt and re-route it.


Bingo! Nausea and vomiting stopped, double vision almost resolved, dizziness less, balance improved but still dodgy. Still massively tired, and still a constantly foggy, heavy, congested head and blurry vision.


Back to square one rehab-wise as I kinda need to re-learn quite a few things. But the 18 months of nausea, dizziness etc each time i get up from sleeping is over, yay!


Thanks everyone for your support, onward and upward


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Hi Cassandra, so pleased that your recent procedure has stopped the daily nausea and dizziness - 18 months of that must have felt like a life time.  The relief must be fantastic for you.


Hopefully your other residual symptoms will improve in due course - I do hope so.


Like you say, onward and upward,

take care,


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Hello Cassandra...so glad to hear that your recent procedure has eliminated that constant nausea and dizziness. That must be such a boost for you to have that removed from your daily life.


Hope you continue to know progress in the days ahead.





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Cassandra, what a relief to have that lifted and glad they got to the bottom of it, I did wonder if it could be shunt malfunction as the symptoms sounded like pressure challenges but so sorry you had to have yet another procedure to get it resolved.


What you describe sounds like my feelings after I had the shunt  placed, I had had a good few months( not as bad as you poor thing) of being high pressure and then going really low with all the LPs etc then going back up again and if you think about it this puts the brain surface under a lot of stress with all the wrong levels of CSF.  So take Lots of regular meals, don't get hungry, drink plenty and rest and with time hopefully some of your residual symptoms will reduce as well now. 


I'm Sending you gentle vibes and postive wishes to now have a slightly more steadier time with it all so you can get on with the business of healing.


take care now. 

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Hi Cassandra


I have a shunt also, touch wood (head) no trouble YET !!


Glad it is sorted and you feel a bit better !!


No Stress,  My surgeon  told me this so  pass it on to everyone lol

Water helps xx


Take it easy and all will be well, don't worry when weather becomes overcast as all who have shunts on here get what some call a barometer head.  heavy feeling xx  Well I think most do ???? lol xx


Take it easy

Win xxxx

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Yes, I think the humidity definitely affects how my brain is feeling. Such a sensitive, fragile part of your body, but so good to have it working as well as it is!

Can anyone provide their experience about that incredibly precise medical condition known as foggy head? It has been the one unchanging condition for me, except for a handful of miraculous moments of partial clearing.


That and my loss of hearing in one ear (due to a damaged cochlear-vestibular nerve) is all there is really between me and a 100% recovery. I think most people say it does clear sooner or later - anyone got any insight into what causes it and what can be done to help it clear?

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When my head feels like a Thunder head/ barometer head, I either sing or go to bed for a rest up. 


My singing  leaves a lot to be desired so my Family prefer I go to bed,  ha xxxx joke !!


I try also to think of days when I have laughed so much and cried with laughter, I think of my Mum and her funny ways and she comes to mind and that starts me off laughing.


We worked together and we had good laughs and she was a smashing woman xx see no tears just a big grin xxxx


I do not like quiet when my ears ring or a thick and foggy head.   I need to get my mind off it.  But each to their own way of coping  xx 


Good luck Cassandra and never give up xxxx 


All the Best, Now sing up  xx

Win xx  

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