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Posted on behalf of the above member


Hi , I am Jackie. I had a sub-arachnoid haemorrhage caused by  a burst aneurysm at the back of my head, and only really remember the pain!

In/out of conciousness, reassured everyone that the surgery could hold off until the morning. Anyway , this was all in May 2016 and after 4 weeks in hospital, including the insertion of a V-P shunt, I returned home and felt that I had a good recovery.


Obviously unable to drive, and didn't return to work as I am a midwife as still felt quite unnerved by the experience. However I started to help my daughter return to work after the birth of her beautiful boy, and enjoyed the train and bus travel.

So, I have had 6 months of feeling OK and actually managed a shift in  the hospital in November.


A few weeks later the flu-like symptoms that I had, concerned my GP who sent me to a local hospital. They were happy that the shunt was fine, but did have another CT scan and Lumbar Puncture, to prove it!.


Unfortunately I was sent back to the neurosurgery unit, who performed an ICP- Never Again!

Cut long story short if I can, I now feel worse than I ever did. I have become severely depressed and referred to Neurology/Opthalmology , as surgeons dont know whats happening!


Has anyone else experienced a worsening relapse after all these months? It would be useful to know . Everyone is different, so I dont expect to get the answer, but may not feel so desperate if anyone has had similar experiences.

Obviously, in my job, I have not returned to work as I'm not safe to be around. 


I hope that I havent depressed you all with my story, but I am traipsing around looking for answers!


Kind regards Jackie

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