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I had a headache for 6 years and 2 months and seen numerous 'specialists'. The drugs doled out by the NHS were outrageous with ridiculous side effects and I even tried acupuncture.


I had a particularly bad run last summer starting in June for about 3-4 months then again in December ending in March. A bad runs leave me basically living in a basic sub-human existence, dopey, tired, irritable etc.


After the bad run in March I went on a mission to find something, anything to ease this situation, total free thinking exercise before another relapse.


Currently my only medication is Botox as a side effect migraine sufferers found it beneficial. I had the odd paracetamol/Ibuprofen but nothing else but At last I am doing better starting from when I started taking CBD via a vape. 


 I think I may have turned a corner, like a fog has been cleared in my mind and my old energy is there too.


CBD is the non-hallucinatory / high part of cannabis and is legal in the UK for some medical conditions like MS as It helps the internal cannabinoid receptor system in the brain. I had thought for a while my headache symptoms were false, like people who have lost a leg and get cramps there if you know what I mean.


I don't want to promote anything here but look into it folks if like me you have literally tried everything.


I thought it can't be that good, so stopped taking it for 36 hours and all the old symptoms came back, constant left temporal headache, headache 'bangs' (like a punch on the bare brain), lethargy, drowsiness.


Hope this helps someone, Im happy to message if you want to discuss but am also aware that on the forum we can't promote any solution or medication. 


I am so revved up I had to share, my little voice is asking "where is the headache fella", and singing Etta James ....


At last, 
My headache has now gone,

My days of pain are over,
And life is like a song!


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Thank you for posting this. 


I hear what you say, but I think it is important that whatever action people may take they should only do so having taken professional medical advice first.


This is because none of us are doctors and what works for one might not work for others. The potential for mishaps is ever-present.  The potential consequences, for instance the interaction between this and other medications some people may already be on, could be serious if not done in a properly supervised environment.


Best wishes,



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I also want to add in this topic something that I discovered recently that shook my world.


My latest Neurologist was exasperated at my questions so he pulled out the blue book.


The Blue book gives advice to doctors on what to do for a particular condition. He flips to post SAH advice and literally, in its entirety, this is what it says....


Post SAH headache, more research needs to be done in this area.


That was ALL!


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