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Post NASAH - head pain, arm cramps ...and diabetes and high BP - anyone else?

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I had my NASAH (no known cause for my subarachnoid brain haemorrhage) in Feb 2012.

For the past year I have had head pains (on the right at the back of my head) that I haven't had before, walking fast gives me pain to my jaw (but my heart checks out fine) and for the past month I've been having something like muscle cramps along my left arm often in my bicep or around the inner elbow which sometimes moves to my upper arm, and last night to my leg a little and this evening I'm getting tingling in my left arm as well. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had the same?


I've just been diagnosed with diabetes and need to be retested before being put on something so I'm dieting hard on low carb diet to try and improve the situation (I'm overweight). Part of me wonders if I could be heading for another SAH - while the other part says it must be my diabetes which I'm getting checked out now with the doctor. 


Has anyone had what they would term as another SAH or feeling that an SAH might happen and if so, how did you feel? I'm not panicking but just want to get an idea if anyone else has experienced what i'm going through now. My SAH gave me a weakness on my right side but these pains on my left are enough to keep me awake at night so yesterday and today I've taken pain killers just to help me sleep until I find a solution. Sorry for rambling!!

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My heart tests were fine when at rest could you request a stress test when you are wired up and go on a tread mill. For me that was the only thing that showed up a problem. One of those may put your mind at rest. Diabetes could also be the root of your problems. Keep  pestering the medics.


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Thanks Win - it's funny you should say that about stress - I find that I can't cope as well as I could before with stress and now it makes me feel physically ill. Strange isn't it?! I think I'm getting a bit more worried about my health nowadays - and when I do get a pain I wonder if it might be the start of an SAH building up... I guess it's just natural to stop and think...'hey up...what's happening here'. Had my blood work done today so I'll give it a few days and book an appointment with the Doc to see what might be going on. :-) xxx

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