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I don't have PMT as I don't have periods and haven't for years. I used to be on dianette as I had bad skin. I had endless headaches. I went to the family planning nurse for a check and she was absolutely horrified that I had been given any combined pill as my mum had died of sah and the family history should have flagged up that I shouldn't be on that one.

I was changed over to cerazette (mini pill) which I am still on now. After the fact that I don't get headaches from it, the next best thing is that I also don't get periods and haven't for years. It used to be that you should take a break every now and then, but this is no longer the case. Brilliant!

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As bagpuss says above, you can get trouble with your pituitary gland after SAH so it's worth getting it checked if you can - I don't suffer with PMT (unless it means pre-match tension!) but I have to have growth hormone injected daily and now I am developing problems with my thyroid because of lack of thyromine also produced by the pituitary, I believe. You can get more advice from pituitary gland foundation easily found through all the common search engines. I would suggest you speak to your doctor when you get the chance. Hope everything works out for you!


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Yes, this is familiar to me. I had very bad dizziness, horrid feeling legs (weakness?), crying all day over everything and on top of that my periods would come every 21 days. Then they started evening out back to 28-30 days like before only to have two more months of 21 days. I no longer have dizziness or bad legs, but I do cry usually once and have to rest a lot. I found that taking iron has helped me with stamina for the first two days as well.

Point, SAH throws many symptoms your way. This is why we have this site and why no one else can really understand the broadness and how it encompasses all of daily living.

To muddling through the struggle with more grace than we can even see. Others can witness it for us.


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