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back in hospital

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Hi guys sorry I've not been about.

I landed back in hospital last week again.


On the Wednesday my speaking was becoming very slow and slurred, put it down to tiredness. As the day went on it got worse.


My friend called,he is a nurse and he said I had to get to hospital as he said my talking was terrible. I eventually walked over, it's local to me and the next minute I knew I was admitted and had a CT scan done. The CT showed blood  from my coiled aneurysm but they weren't worried.


The next day I don't remember much as I slept most of the day and night and the nurses and Dr's told me I was totally incoherent with my speech. I then had an MRI but it showed a stroke but they couldn't tell when it was. 


One consultant was concerned but another was fine. This  was after a conference call with the neuro team in another hospital. 

 because I was better and talking better another consultant said I could go home but if it happens again I have to go straight back.

I'm now left with speech problems.


My family are concerned due to the scans and they are freaking me out with worry ...has anyone else gone through this?. 

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Hi Clara


How very scary for you.  I've not been through this but can only echo what the consultant has said - if it happens again, go straight back!!


Look after yourself and get as much rest and peace and quiet as you can xx

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Hi Clara


So sorry to hear of your troubles. Sounds like your scans were discussed at an MDT meeting when all the doctors get together and discuss certain patients. Hopefully they have come up with the right decision by sending you home and when the Ot comes on Tuesday you can get more answers.


Don't cut too many people out, just give yourself some space. The ones who are there for you will understand and wait for you to be ready. I've lost friends since my bleed but only a few. The friends I  have made since have been plentiful, interesting, caring and kind. So don't give up on friendship, it just may be different.


Good luck Tuesday, keep us posted xx


Clare xx

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Hi Clara,


Sorry to hear that you've had a stroke, scary as I know only to well.  

I had my SAH in June 2014 and had a stroke in December 2014.


Mine started with pain behind my right eye when I first got up that morning and I took headache tablets but as the morning went on it didn't go away and by lunchtime I had numbness in right side of my face, couldn't lift my right arm and my right leg and foot were quite numb my speech was also slurred.

I was admitted to hospital and after scans and blood tests was told I had had a stroke.


They told me everything was fine with my coils and they were still in place with no leakage, I had 2 aneurysms, one left sided and one rightsided, I was concerned that it may be connected to my SAH they said they couldn't be certain but probably not.

I was discharged the same day, told to make sure I had plenty of rest and to just take it easy, I had a follow up appointment a week later.


I have made a good recovery from that stroke being left with just a slight numbness in my right foot.


Try not to let people freak you out, your doctor's know what they are doing, they have given you advice and they are the people you should listen to.


As Claire said, you will hopefully get more answers on Tuesday when your OT comes to see you.


Take care


Michelle xx 

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Thank you so much Clare and Michelle.


I'm trying my best not to cut pepole out but by golly it's hard. 


I am looking forward to seeing my OT as she is such a lovely lady and so bubbly and she is so sharp and on the ball. 


It's the bleeding from the coils that my brother has me freaked out with as he keeps going on about it. He has even called the hospital and asked them to do another lumbar puncture as the very first CT scan never showed the brain haemorrhage it was the LP that did . I can laugh at my brother now but I was so annoyed with him last week , you can tell he has never had an LP done. Thank God they never listened to him xxxx

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Brothers sheesh !! ha ha , my Brother would not come up until he knew I was okay !!  Coward !! ha 


They said I'd just eaten Jaffa cakes and threw up on him, His reply was "Thanks Win I'll  hmmm I'll save that for journey home"  xx


You just get well and remember no stress,   Glad the OT is bubbly xxxx We need happy around us  xxx


Get well soon  Clara xxxxxx 

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Hi Win that made me laugh so much there. I can imagine your brother , I bet jaffa cakes are his favourite biscuits now ?..

I'm just lying down today as I'm now finding one day I'm good and the next I'm shattered. 

So my head is really sore today and I woke up with weird pains in neck in the middle of the night but they passed. So a day or solid rest for me.

You take care too as I can only imagine the journey you have had too xxxx

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Hi Win


we definitely can win this SAH albeit without our brothers ??xxxxxxx


Ironic as he stayed last night as the pain in my head was too sore but I know to expect it as my Dr told me I will. Have a build of this progressively and that why they won't give me strong painkillers as it's masking the pain. 

So brother was required to just sit for my kids sake ?xxxxx


I've reciever a letter this morning  to go for an ECHOCARDIOGRAM next month ..

I think it may because when I took the SAH the HDU dept had me on a adrenaline for a week to artificially raise my blood pressure and last week in hospital they had problems with my blood pressure being so low again..and I keep having palpations. 


If one thing my social life is exciting as I have so many hospital appointments and brain injury people all visiting me ...a positive in  an ironic way lol xxxxxxx

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We will get there Clara, 


Glad you had someone with you as my hubby said he came to see me and I was crying, must have just had the miseries ha xx 


See they do have their helps Brothers, my brother also came to see me once at home and he got me out of bed and we sang some old songs we did as kids.


It really cheered me up xxxx 


Hope you get better soon and remember a song helps  xx my answer to all ills  xxxx 


Be Well Clara and happy  xxxx When you can xxxxx

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Awww Win that's a shame I hope you are feeling better now. 


Do you find the weather contributes to your moods , after the SAH?. 


One singer one song springs to mind lol xxx

Who would believe men have actually some uses ??..

Sorry guys you are good sometimes lol...


My boys dad is heading over today ...he will make cups of tea..I will give him sore feet..

At least we can laff and I will song too ...xxxx

I hope you feel better soon too  xxxxxx

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Nooo Clara I go back to Days when really rough to make you feel better lol xx


If we have all been there then you can make it xxxx Wins thinking lol 


Weather is a so and so,  especially the thundery weather it gives us what we call barometer head, it pushes on your head (Wins way of describing it)


Hope you have a Nice Sunday and all is well your end xx


Keep getting better pal xxxx

Win xxx Off shopping with hubby later xx if we don't argue by then ha ha xxxxx

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1 hour ago, Winb143 said:

Weather is a so and so,  especially the thundery weather it gives us what we call barometer head, it pushes on your head (Wins way of describing it)


Yep, suffer from this too - like some one is pushing on you head from inside and outside  - excellent description Win x

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Thank you so much Win, Skippy and Coydog Blue.


Sorry not been about but I had headaches from hell and was in tears last night with the pain.

Sodds law i got a phone app with my Gp today and the pain went away. She said it can't be pressure as that would keep going. She said my CT scan was clear but I had to tell her 2 separate people told my brother and I there was a leak showing but they were fine with it. 


She said my speech is slurred and may be stress nothing to do with the stroke they saw.


I'm like a basket case now as the pain has came back with a vengeance again tonight. I don't know whether to phone her in the morning, she said to phone anytime,  or to wait and see my OT tomoz as I need help somewhere this pain is horrendous.


Ps I got mixed up and thought OT was today and I was all ready for it even though I had written the date clearly in my diary lol xxxxxx


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Hello Clara...


Thanks for your comments...  I am so sorry to hear that your pain has returned  as you say `with a vengeance.`


It is important that you decide on what help you need.  If you are in such pain and you feel you need immediate help then it is important that you call an emergency number. right away.


Please let us know how you decide when you can.




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Thank you subs  ..

I'm going to do it all tomorrow when my kids are at school as I don't have anyone for them at this time of night. I feel within myself something not right or else I need proper pain management and I would be devastated if  I leave it and something bad happens...


The first brain haemorrhage one of my Dr's said there was nothing wrong with me it was probably my pain relief that I should change. ..the second which I am lucky to survive, I was took in by ambulance and then a triage nurse decided it was probably a migraine until a consultant took over and got me rushed in and it took a LP to shown mine up first...


So that's why I worry too...as I have no faith in the original people and I do have a high pain barrier ....


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I do not want to scare you but a man who worked for us his grand daughter kept getting what was called migraines and she had a bleed.

It was left without scan etc.  Hospital did nothing but pain killers !!


So please see a Doc and tell them you are worried and you need another scan.  


The girl was only 14 and the local hospital did nothing.  I am telling you this not to frighten you but to get something done..


Good luck and get up hospital xxxx 


Better to be safe than sorry  xxxx   and let us know how you get on xx  

Put mind at ease  please xxx



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Win, I am.so glad you have said this as it makes me know I'm not going bonkers.


My Gp foned and when I explained the pain, it's like someone holding my head down and having contractions but on my head. She said this pressure and can be my muscles contracting and also building up so.she has prescribed diazapam for a week and will call in 2 days. 


I queried it as I am not allowed strong painkillers or they will mask the pain so is this not the same but she said no.


Lucky my OT is a brain injury specialist and she said I need to go strait for a scan next time as she was not happy that I was in this kind of pain and I was left. 


She said I've not to take a chance and because it subsided and came back she told me the hospital won't get a clear picture so the next pains I have to go straight over and they can catch it there and then .


She reminded why she was there in the first place because of headaches which was a SAH and she said this should be enough for anyone to deal with .

So thank you Win I will go over xxxxx

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Good luck Clara,


Take no chances as better to be safe than sorry xx So if we waste their time and it is nothing at least you will know and not stress over every pain in head xx


You be well and take care of Number 1 ..You xxx


Be well 


Win xxxx

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