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LEFT SCOTOMA PERIPHERAL FIELD VISION LOSS (DVLA)   19 year old male, 6 months ago car accident, TBI, brain hemorrhage, 6 hours Neuro surgery GCS 4!  Only now left some damage to right occipital  lobe AND right optic nerve. 100% cognitive recovery and vision has vastly improved, no double vision.  Using both eyes has 20/20 acuity and central vision even up to DVLA driving standards. But on the left peripheral  he has a scotoma (blind spot) both eyes about 20-30 degrees left of central vision so although does NOT affect daily life it does affect field vision tests for driving and that's when it was picked up. 


He has tried Peli prism glasses as we went private! NHS support is non-existent. Specsavers working with him wearing Peli lens specs and doing monthly DVLA type Esterman tests. Improving on the tests and he has adapted amazingly well to the point he ONLY has this type of 11o'clock vision loss when fixates or daydreams! Waiting on further progress and although will NOT pass the tests outright his Opthamolgist may support Exceptional Case and refer for practical assessment - 'never say never' 


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Hi Lyne


A very warm welcome to you and your Son.


Six months is very early in your Sons recovery and sounds like he is doing really well.


Please click on the link below and scroll down, you may find some information to help.




Wishing you good luck and as you say 'never say never'


Take care

Tina xx



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We’ve got a referral next month to Sheffield Opthamology for electro diagnostic tests & also see his Neuro surgeon to discuss the occipital damage & optic nerve too. So hopefully get answers.


His solicitor trying to get referral to Neuro Opthzmologist for medi legal report so between meeting these 3 other professionals hope to move forward. No funding at our hospital so see where go at others. Fingers crossed. Thank you 

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Hey Lyne,


I feel so very sorry for your son. At 20 years old he must think his freedom has been cut off by not being able to drive! I am 57 and it has been torture for me as I love my driving so much!

Anyway, if he can get onto the 'exceptional case' stream then I think there may be hope. I cannot, however, be certain as each case is viewed differently (hence the need for such a detailed review of each case by the DVLA, who have to rely on reports from experts rather than reviewing each individual themselves).


Let us know how he gets on with his appointment at Sheffield. It would also be useful to know whether the letter revoking his licence offered the chance for him to reapply after one year under the 'exceptional case' criteria. If the letter did say this then the DVLA will consider him again but only subject to all the detailed criteria being met.


Fingers crossed for the lad!



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Thank you or the message.


He voluntarily surrendered his license at the time, it wasn't revoked as such. 


i spoke to DVLA who said to re-apply at 6 or 12 months depending his recovery, and at that moment was just the known TBI (the left field blind spot not known about until had a field test).


After speaking with SpecSavers who do his DVLA private  Estermann field tests they recommended waiting til the 12 months as an Exceptional Case, sending off all the results showing improvements (and just currently falling 10 degrees short on the left of the peripheral blind spot where DVLA request 50degrees)


Having the backing reports from his GP, OT and Ophthalmologist to report on his 'excellent' results and his 'adaptation'.  So fingers crossed, we expect a referral for practical assessment (obviously this is ultimately dependent on the DVLA medical panel) but at the minute we are looking positive and 'never say never' 

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It seems like your Son is in your very capable hands. Please feel free to ask questions about the driving assessment as and when it comes. You may apply for a licence 8 weeks before the end of the year following the 'event'.



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