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My life after my stroke - Mark

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Welcome to btg I had my bleed on 23rd of January 2017 and like you I have to get on with it for my 3 kids and I still find it hard but this site as helped me a lot I hope it helps you like it does me take care and I look forward to hear form you xx

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Hi Mark, good to hear from you.

I do wonder if you getting upset is a form of depression, that is not saying you have depression. Depression is quite common after a SAH.

My advice would be to see your doctor and discuss the problem with him/her. They may well be able to help by possibly referring you for counselling or even advise medication to get you through the tough patch. 

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Good idea - also maybe ask if you're suffering from PTSD - I was diagnosed three weeks after mine and had counselling which was a massive help, believe me.  Don't suffer when there are options available to you hun xx

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I wrote the other day I was teary, it helps to talk about it,  so do not bottle it up.  Come on here it has helped me get through rough patches.  A trouble shared as the saying goes.


My hubby has been so good to me but I still get teary some days as our brain has been through it.


I apologise to him and Daughter with tears running down my face lol.  I then break into a song which helps me but not the poor Hubby/Daughter. 


Keep stress at bay and take Supers and others advice  xxx Good luck and keep happy thoughts for rotten days we get.


Good luck 

Win xxxx

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Hi Mark

Welcome to the BTG . I only joined on  Sunday and I am reading what people are saying. People really make you feel welcome and it amazes me how many have been through what I suffered and have come out the other side.I wish I could have joined years earlier.



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