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Another aneurysm to be coiled

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We are always here for you to rant Joan.


How frustrating to find out that had the medication not been stopped your sugars would have been on. I would put in a strong complaint at your doctors.


Try not to get too down, hopefully in a few weeks you can get rebooked in.


Clare xx


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Glad all is well Joan, 


I'll go and look up web lol as not got a clue what it is xx


Glad all is over and now healing time xxxx 


Make sure you get spoilt  lol that is what I did but they clicked on that one xxxx   Heal heal heal  that's my message for you xxxx  

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They showed me a ( Web ) it’s only used up to 8mm annies ...it looks like a little mop cap lol sticks to Annie stops blood getting in...I asked could I have it and she said You’ve  got ten coils in your first Annie and the web is dearer than .. so not cheap lol. Feeling very tired today but glad to be home. Drinking plenty of water so it’s sleep  wee sleep wee lol

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