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Hi All, 


Just waiting to get go ahead from DVLA that I’m fit to drive and need to organise car insurance.

What are people’s experience of car insurance companies once you inform them of your NASAH are they sympathetic or do they load your premiums quite heavily? 

Anyone found a particular company very good?


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Hi Jill


My premiums weren't affected at all.  I told them about the SAH and they asked if I had any lasting effects and had been cleared for driving - I told them no and yes.  Premiums weren't affected at all.

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mine weren’t  affected either. I think providing dvla clear you they can’t up the premium. I wouldn’t swear to that though!  Insurance companies are a rule unto themselves! 


Good luck


Clare xx


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Jill, once they reissue your license there should be no penalty to your insurance unless you have special conditions . It is worth informing the insurance company I always think but if that means a boost To premium then I would challenge it.


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Mine was affected by the bleed but this was due to the spinal damage I got as a result. This meant I had to take a disability driving test and now have to drive a hand controlled car. 


I would agree with the above. I think in most cases your premium is not affected - only of there are extenuating circumstances. 



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